shall i join slimming world?


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hi all

I am currently doing slim-fast but really need proper food to eat, havnt lost anything yet either and feel so hungry at work.. i am eating 1400-1500 cals a day approx, have cut out my junkfood binging :) which is a good thing

I have a friend who goes slimming world meetings and has asked me to come along,
im worried i wont be able to do the meal plans, is it easy for quick meals?

My job is 830-430 sat down in my office i hardly move all day, this is where my weight has piled on in the past year, i leave for work 7am it takes 1 and an half hours to get there, so im driving 3 hours a day!!! so the majority of my time is sat down i get home at 6 and between 6-7 have my dinner

my concern is the amount of time im just sat down 11 hours a day, with slimming world it seems a lot of you say you feel like your eating loads, would this really work, with someone like me who isn't active, also i don't have time in the mornings to make breakfast or the facilities to at work , what breakfast sugestions could i have?

I have an hour lunch break Mon-thurs so at the moment i try to go to the gym 4 times a week near to where i work, i only get 25-30 min on the cross trainer before i have to get back to work, so i am hoping this helps a little. and on saturdays i am going to do my fitness dvd, and possibly once in the week at home.

what exactly is red days and green, will there be foods listed i can and cant eat?

sorry if i have gone on a bit. :eek:

hope to hear from you all :)
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Hi Becki

Welcome along to our little part of Minis!

I'd couldn't recommend SW enough for you. I've never tried Slim Fast, but I did get to a stage where I was counting and limiting calories and I found it endlessly difficult. There is a world of difference between that and SW... and in my view it is far better.

SW has foods that are free, completely guilt free and free to eat. They are generally low calorie foods (with some exceptions) but they shouldn't be thought of in terms of calories, because they are also foods that are high in density. They are naturally filling and you'll find that you feel as though you are eating an awful lot... but you still loose weight. This is because the foods are so filling yet naturally slimming.

You will get a full and detailed list of things you can eat and can't eat on red and green days. Briefly, on a green day you can have unlimited pasta, potatoes, noodles, fruit and veg. On a red day you can have unlimited meat, fish, poultry, fruit and veg. There is also a further plan called Extra Easy... that allows you to eat free foods from both red and green days.

That isn't all of the plan though. There are also 'healthy extras' which are foods that are good for you (calcium and fibrous foods) but should be eaten in moderation eg milk, cheese, brown bread etc. In addition, there are 'syns' which are foods that are not good for you but can be used as treats - eg crisps, chocolate, alocohol.

On the exercise thing, I think you're already doing more than most Slimming World members. Keep it up... but don't worry too much. The majority of your weight loss will be achieved through eating well and although exercise is important - it isn't the be all and end all as far as SW are concerned.

Good luck,


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Hi I totally agree with Ste, SW is amazing! I am like you, I have an office job, I drive 40 mins to work, sit on my bum for 8 hours and then drive home! I have done SW for 19 months now and have reached my target but I still go to class each week as it keeps me on track. I didn't get time to exercise (poor excuse but....) and I still managed to lose weight so you are one step ahead of me by going to the gym!!
It's easy for eating on your own, family meals, eating out, packed lunches anything really - it fits in with life and there is very little weighing or measuring (even less now with the new Extra Easy plan!)
Do you have a kettle at work? If so you can make mug shots, cous cous or similar for your lunch or take cold meats, salads etc.... or you could use a food flask and take soup or stew or something if you wanted something warm.
This forum is full of tips for meals etc and great for support and advice.
Good luck! x


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Hi Becki

SW would fit in perfectly. I'm usually in a rush in the mornings (simply because I'm unorganised) so I heat up my porridge in the microwave while getting showered. When I get out and before drying I chuck in any fruit I want to add to it. By the time I'm dressed it's ready to eat.

For lunch today I had some very crispy bacon (cooked last night) crumbled over a mixed salad with some boiled eggs mixed in (also cooked last night) - all thrown together in about 2 mins. All free food on the original/red plan.

Tonight I'm having liver, bacon, mushrooms & cabbage - all free food on the original/red plan.

I'm going to be filling up on Alpen Light bars (2 are allowed as 1 of the helathy extras Ste mentioned. The breakfast porridge & milk are also healthy extras). If I still have the munchies I'll have 1 or 2 yoghurts from the various ranges which are free food on SW. In addtion I'll have a banana.

I've got WI tonight and if I've lost I'll stop off on the way home for a bar of chocolate which will be within my syn allowance for the day. On days when I'm not considering chocolate I may have toast for breakfast as the spread will have a syn value.

It's nowhere near as complicated as I've probably made it sound but I wanted to show how quick and easy it can be and also that it doesn't have to cost loads of money. Salad, liver, bacon, eggs etc can be relatively cheap if you shop around.

Also, just the once and then NEVER again, if you calculate the calories in a menu like that you'll see it isn't as high as you think it would be when you are eating for England :)


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YES! As long as you plan what you're having, it will work like a dream! I agree with all the above. And you won't be hungry!

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I agree...planning is essential for this to work.
I also work in an office for 8 hours a day, I have a daughter that I have to get ready for Nursery in the mornings, leaving me with very little time to do anything. I prepare lunch, breakfast the night before. I am also a registered Babysitter, so I have to prepare tea in advance as well if I am working. If I can do it, anyone can and its not difficult.
You just have to organise and use what you have around you.

Good luck.