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Hello daily threaders

Welcome to the weekend, and yet another, or maybe a first, super CD day.
'Lovely Legs' is today's theme, so don't forget exercises focused on this region - for me it will be walking around the town retail centre, window shopping only, of course!

Panto was great fun, came home to discover that the heating has broken down! Plumber coming on Sunday morning; thank goodness its no longer snowing here. My home is small and so far it still feels warm, thanks to the heating on during Friday.

Caroline, I usually forget to answer any questions - but can tell you that my first thing in the morning weight on my scales - without clothes - was about 12 stone, perhaps a pound or two less, when I started CD. Have now completed 12 days and think I am weighing in on same scales at 11:4. So I know CD is working for me, which is very encouraging.

Will be having a leisurely day, have a voucher for cheaper admission to the cinema so thinking of treating myself to afternoon film. There was a discussion this week about feeling comfortable to go on your own to a movie etc- for me, I prefer company if possible, but don't mind a matinee, in fact you see a lot of people do this. Will look up the films mentioned by Summayah.

And of course, cinema will be warmer than home!

Have a great day all:coffee: x
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Well I've been missing in action for a couple of days but have been still soldiering on with the diet - all going well with that, just that my baby grandaughter (4 months) has a really bad chest so I've been spending some time with her at my daughters, hopefully she'll soon be over it.

Love the idea of an afternoon film - only ever done that a couple of times and I've got to say I love it .... should do it more often.

Am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend - will mainly be computer based as hubby and I are busy planning and booking our holiday for summer. We've booked the flights and some of the hotels (we're doing a driving holiday) but still have some more to research and book, it's great, we get to look at nice sunny pics of hotels on the monitor and then look out of our window and see snow!

Right need to go find my bed before I fall asleep and bang head on keyboard - g'night one & all..... x


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Observing nocturnal hours as I get my fix of Coronation Street on ITV2.
Holiday planning sounds like a fun thing to do! I take a number of coach trips every year, just days out. Next one in February but its indoors thankfully, Loose Women and pub lunch. My friend reminded me yesterday that I have already booked fish and chips - I was off CD at the time! Will try to pick up the new coach brochure tommorow to dream of sunny days out x


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
... not managed to find my bed yet! Don't know why I'm on nocternal hours, I've been up since 6am - need sleep.

Coach trips sound nice, shame about the fish & chips --- bar and water sounds almost as good. Am always jealous of people on coaches when I'm on the motorway going to work - always wish I was on the coach going with them.

Off now to dream of sunshine :)


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Lovely legs - hummm I think I'll have to take a couple extra laps around work tomorrow (or my Saturday). Right now I'm sitting on the couch with my puppies and BF. The babies are particularly cute today so I'm definitely amused.


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Hey Aseyan....I was looking for someone that is on the CD US, I want some info. I'm all new on this website, so I don't know exactly how to add contacts or send messages :-S To get some info on the CD US, since is my first week on it, and I'm out of the US! If I may?


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Heya Zen, while you're new I don't think you can send messages or anything but I sent you an e-mail. Feel free to e-mail me with your questions and I'll be more than happy to help you out :)


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Hey ladies, good morning to you all!

I have been busy the past few days so hardly been on at all.

I am managing fine..............still weighing myself daily and its deffo going down, slowly but surely!!

Off out shopping today with DD for an outfit for DD2s christening in a few weeks!! (im waiting until a few days prior to it before i get mines :D)

Have a fab day all and I will call back soon!! :D xx


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Good morning!

I'm having a pretty laid back and lazy day as I'm doing a night shift tonight Mid-8am! :4635: I might try and get all the clothes sorted out for the kids, make sure uniform for Monday and washed, dried and ironed.

I hopped on scales this morning and I'm 11st 7lbs! (with clothes) Not sure if I'm in ketosis or not, but not too worried. Glad it's working though. Can't wait to see what another 5 days does!

I don't think I am in ketosis as I occasionally get the odd hunger pang.

I only managed to have 1 pack yesterday because the Apple+ Cin porridge was yucky and I felt too rough to eat. I know that's bad because I didn't get all my RDA of stuff. But better than eating nothing at all I think.

Sorry for waffling!


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Good morning all!

BB, you're doing well then. Glad you feel encouraged, I know I do when I see the scales change. Have only gone down 0.2lbs in 2 days myself, but for the first time, I'm not discouraged seeing such a small change on the scales. Just determined to keep going and stay totally 100%, 100% of the time.

Katie I hope your granddaughter gets better soon. At 4 months old, I bet she's adorable. My friend's sister has just had her latest baby this morning, I think he's going to see her this evening, I'm looking forward to pictures!

Good morning Aseyan and Zentje... and welcome to minis Zen!

Good morning truffle, I'm weighing daily too! Do you find that your losses are pretty minimal after such a huge loss? I have! Have fun shopping!!

Morning Becca! What did you start at? It's funny, 11st 7lbs - 12st is my goal weight. I wouldn't worry about ketosis, it'll happen, and you lose even while you're not in it. So it's good you're not too worried about it. Need to try and get your packs in, even if you don't feel like it, otherwise it will likely hinder your losses.

Woke up this morning freezing, again. Went downstairs and my housemates have turned off the heating, again. I'm getting really sick of it now. Turn it down, fine, but off, no! I think if I could move now, I would.

Today I'll be doing lots of odd jobs. I've got to do some washing and bits like that. I may also pop into town and get a few things and also do some window shopping, but it's just so cold out there I don't know if I can face it! It's all things that I can put off for now anyhow. But chances are I'll be around a fair bit today fighting off the demons of temptation!

Hope you all have a fab and 100% day.


S: 13st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 1st13lb(14.67%)
Caroline. I think you should move to scotland so I can have a friend to go shopping with lol.

Since I moved here to be with hubby, not really made any proper friends :cry:.

I started at 12st at NY and lost 4lbs before starting CD on Thursday.

Have a good day everyone :)


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I want to go to Scotland soooo much! Whereabouts are you? I'm considering next summer taking my parents there for a week, on me. By then I'll, hopefully, by in a graduate job and be able to afford it. I lived there the past year completely rent and food free. And they're great at helping out when I need a bit extra. And they pay for my sister, a lot, which annoys the hell out of me. But they don't have huge amounts of money, so it's something I'd like to do, hopefully!


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I had a huuuuuge week long trip planned for last summer, but it never happened for some reason! I planned on going to err... Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, I can't even remember now!


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i was planning on nipping in to town today but didnt get up till 10.30 and now i gotta be stuck in all day as my boiler has broke down and they could come anytime in next 24 hours, so all plans out the window, hubs is gonna have to go food shopping on his own... shame lol
think ill just have to get the wii fit out


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Hey all :D Thought I would just pop into this thread and say Hi to all you ladies :p

I am going to be a regular member now, after my first week weigh in I am in no way leaving from this diet till I am at goal so you going to have to be stuck with me for a few months hahaha!

I wish I had lovely legs :( I can tell you now I don't haha.. tho some day I will. I dunno if I am going to go for the muscly look or if I'm going to go for average size legs yet...choices choices :p I get a little annoyed that, as a young gay male, image is such a huuuge deal in my community its so hard to be a young gay fat man not a lot of opportunities for relationships :( hahaha

I've done quite a bit of walking today.. I walked into town and did a little bit of shopping, after all I deserved a treat :p And I am just sitting here guzzling my water. I never thought water would be such a huge part of my life now its like miracle juice hahaha

Take Care All :D Hope everyone is doing ok and sticking to their diets ^^


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Greetings all,
I'm cold and wet at work !! Rubbish! Only got 4 offenders today tho, so quite an easy day!
Becca are u near Stirling ?? I love that place!!
Got given a new work jacket today, it was ordered months ago, it's size large ! It's enormous!! Comes down to my knees and I'm wearing 2 coats under it, with room for more!! Funny! The guys laughed at me! It's yellow hi vis, they say I look like a glow worm!!
Diet going well today, it's easier at work as I only have what I bring! Just got my tetra and water.
Hope everyones doing ok today!
Wish I was going to the cinema this afternoon!!!


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Oh no Mandy, no heating! That sucks in this weather, I hope they get there soon. I want to go on my wii fit, but I left my remotes at my sisters, and all my games except for wii fit, but I can't do it without a remote! I'm seeing my sister on Tuesday though so she'll bring them then.

Xypher... believe me, we know your pain. Isn't much chance of a relationship for a young fat woman like myself either!! Great weigh in this week, well done you.

Stirling! That was one of the other places on my list!! Must be great motivation putting on that jacket and going this is where I was two months ago! Will they swap it for a smaller one?


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Afternoon girls :) ...
Mandy hope you get your heating sorted out, these things always tend to go wrong when its coldest! ..

Not alot planned, still sticking to SS only had one meal this week which was a peice of white fish, other than that,nothing apart from shakes .. i have tried tetras this week choccy ones ... one word for them WOW .. they are lush! ill defo be having 14 of those next week i reckon and 7 choc shakes lol dont think im going to try bars until i feel the need to chew lol ...
Trying to price a holiday to disneyland paris ... and got our rellies coming over today with their new puppy, and tonight im sitting overnight ...

Have a lovely weekend


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afternoon girls
well im up late today, was 2am when we got home. went to see the 10.30pm showing of avatar wow was a great film, really enjoyed it

why is it people always insist on sitting next to me?

plenty of seats the couple couls have sat in but no the woman came over and said can you move your stuff i want to sit there, then procedded to spend the entire film with her arms spread over the arm rest with her elbows well over on to my side digging in to me so i spent 3 hours sat slumped over on to him to avoid being hit everytime she moved

nothing much planned for today, just had to put kaya back to bed, sisters had her up playing half the night so shes shattered