Sharpie pen and food all syned up


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Okay I might be the last one to twig onto this but I thought I would share just incase and I think this is really helping me. I have been through all my cupboards in the kitchen and wrote syn values and weight or portion size on everything. And when I get home from shopping I do the same, it might sound like I have got to much time on my hands but it's a really great way to keep a quick track of my syns and stops me just grabbing food when I'm hungry.

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That's a really good idea but I think my OH's dad might not like me doing that haha! Definitely a habit I might try in future.


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did that the other week when I won a directory as the raffle prize at group... ( this weeks was supposed to be an exercise ball.. think the C's trying to drum up some more ticket sales.. )
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I do this too! It's so useful especially when you're stood in front of the cupboards with no idea what to have!


Just doing it this time
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I do this - it's a great reminder when you are hungry and need to eat but don't fancy free foods.


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what a lovely idea, i think i may just do that. :)


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I've done this for a while and find it's really useful, especially if you're in a rush or have had something stashed away for quite a while!


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haha this is so funny I just did the exact same thing a few days ago. Whats the point of writing on a piece of paper when you can just write it straight on the packet!
I also used a sharpie marker pen (they are syn free lol)