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  1. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hello you lovely lot!

    I'm Shelly and I have my sister's wedding at the end of summer (August 30th) for which I need to SHIFT this belly. I did Dukan a couple of years ago, and had great results, but I went through a period of stress and binge eating, followed by deciding to train for a marathon, and I lost all motivation for dieting.

    But now I'm back and 3 stone heavier. Summer is here and I'm miserable being this heavy again. I feel like I have really let myself down, and I have a wardrobe of beautiful clothes which don't fit me.

    So yesterday, I ate my last Easter egg and I am here and determined to do this.

    I don't have my statistics yet because I threw my scales out about 6 months ago in a fit of feminist rage (I'm prone to those), but I'm going to buy some more tonight. I think I'm around 12st 4lb, from weighing myself on a friend's scales a week or so ago, but I'm determined to get down to 10st (although anything under 10st 7lb would be lovely right now). Last time I did Dukan I went well under 9st, but I looked quite ill and gaunt, so I don't think I'll go that low.

    Really hope that you can cheer me along in this journey, and that I can be of some support to you :)
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  3. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Hi Shelly,welcome to the site! I find it really helps with the diet to be on here with others in the same boat, although it's very quiet at the moment. I just started 6 days ago although like you have done this before and lost over 3 stone. You obviously know what you have to do, personally I've found it really easy to get straight back into the routine and am looking like having a big first weeks loss when I weigh in tomorrow for the end of the first week. August gives you plenty of time to be a lovely slim bridesmaid! Hope it all goes well for you x
  4. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Here to follow...tempted to try dukan as carbs really aren't doing me any favours...
  5. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Thank you so much for your lovely support -

    I just read your Diary, tryin again, and I know exactly what you mean about hiding away at the weekends, embarrassed about gaining back. I cannot wait to get back into my clothes. I was so confident and Gung Ho the first time around that I chucked a load of clothes away and now I have maybe 4 work outfits... oops! And I refuse to buy bigger clothes again. Not for long though!!

    Okay, I bought new scales last night. They had some regular ones, and then some Hello Kitty ones which were three times the price - obviously, I had to get those.

    So official starting weight is 12st 3.5lbs - let's do this!
  6. debbielerwill

    debbielerwill Full Member

    Hi Shelly, Like you, I have done this before but stopped as soon as I went on holiday (2 stone lighter). Since then I have come back and put on 3 :/ I have a holiday in 4 weeks, which I know I won't stick to the diet on, but I am at least aiming to get back on it once I return.

    Good Luck!
  7. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi shelly

    Welcome and looking forward to reading your journey xx
  8. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey guys,

    I woke up and I thought I felt wildly hungry, but on closer inspection, it turned out that my abs were just sore from the Tae Bo workout DVD I did yesterday!
    I do love the way you feel so satisfied on this diet!

    Weighed myself this morning and down 0.75lb, which is a nice start in addition to the 0.5lbs yesterday.

    My mum has been doing Weight Watchers (with great success, but I know it's just not for me, I hate walking away from a meal knowing I am still hungry) and her coach has all these nice little ideas to keep you motivated (Including putting a glass stone in your shoe after you have lost a stone to remind you how far you've come - and make you walk a bit funny all day, I suppose). One of them is to keep a jar with pebbles or pegs or pennies or something in, one for each lb you've lost. So last night I scoured the house for buttons, and put all the "weight to lose" buttons in a little tin. This morning, now I'm a lb down, I put one button into the jar. It's supposed to serve as a reminder of how much progress has been achieved. But the poor guys is looking a bit lonely, so I'm hoping that I can add a few mates in soon :)

    Have a good day!!
  9. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    I have the tai bo DVDs too, I'd forgotten about those but might have to dig them out again as I loved them!

    i really like the button/pebble idea, don't think I have enough buttons though lol. Will have to have a rummage. Well done on your first 1lb, they'll be several more to add soon x
  10. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Great going Shelly! How was the rest of your day?

    I prefer tracking my progress on an excel file with graphs and pics showing me how far I've come :D
  11. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Another lb down this morning! :)
    Slowly, but surely, I've found a mantra that's really working for me: "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it, the time will pass anyway"
    The guys in my office are passing around a giant bar of chocolate and I'm not even tempted :)

    Tryin again, I am loving the Tae Bo - Do you have the Billy Blanks ones? Did 'abs and glutes' again this morning. It's a killer!
    Bonkers, I will probably do one of those too - I'm a total geek and I love me a bit of excel!

    Have a great day guys!
  12. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Yes that's the one, I have a box set of 4 dvd's the abs and glutes absolutely kills. Trying to sit down or stand up afterwards is virtually impossible!
  13. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Two glorious lbs down this morning!!
    And it's Friday!!
    And it's my last day of attack so I can have some veggies tomorrow!!

    Buzzing today! have a brilliant day guys!! xxx
  14. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    thats great, well done. Its such a good feeling seeing the scales going in the right direction.

    have a good weekend x x
  15. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi Shelly

    2 lbs is brilliant! What was your total loss on Attack?

    And how is cruise treating you? Enjoying your veggies? :D

    p.s 6ft5? Really? I feel so tiny (height not weight)
  16. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Good Morning Guys!!
    I had a great weekend! Did a cool yoga class on Saturday and then on Sunday I did a 5km Holi run, which is a fun run where every km they have powdered paint clouds to run through! It was fantastic!

    On the weight side of things, I did 6 days of attack perfectly and lost 5lb in total! I started Cruise with a PV yesterday and had a yumbo salad for lunch... then... disaster struck...

    I went to a BBQ last night. I had thought it all out beforehand, I took my own lean burgers and my friend said she was also doing some chicken too, so I knew it would be fine. I had planned to stick to diet soft drinks and clear spirits (and not too many at that). When I got there the host asked me if I wanted a Mint Julip. I asked what it was and he said "oh, it's just whiskey and mint, it's very refreshing"... and I thought "well, that sounds perfect..."
    So Imagine my horror when we were in the kitchen and I watched him SPOON A MASSIVE SPOONFUL OF SUGAR onto the mint leaves... and I though "oh, I really should say something now..." and I imagined having to write this post... but I didn't want to rude or inconvenience the guy, so I just smiled and drank it. I also had some BBQ sauce and I know there was sugar in that too...

    So in short, the scales are up this morning and I'm feeling really annoyed for letting myself down. It's just a lb, and with focus and a PP day it should be gone in no time... but still! I have learnt my lesson. But for the record - Mint Julips are fantastic :)

    Hehe! opps! that's a mistake - I wish I was that tall ;)
  17. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    Ah Shelly, dont beat yourself up about it. Its done now, guess that we will all stray off plan from time to time, as long as you get straight back on track you'll be fine.

    x x
  18. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Thank you so much Jenny.
    I was so mad at myself yesterday and the in the afternoon, I got my period, and the source of my frustration became clear.

    The scales were up again this morning to 12st 1.25 and I was heartbroken, but I am super bloated so I know I'm just retaining water.

    I am honestly so happy that I started this diary and I have stocked my fridge full of Dukan stuff otherwise I would have probably chucked it all in. Scales up two days in a row is so demotivating! But I trust the process, and I had a super day of eating yesterday. Planning to just get my head down, chug a load of water and get on with today.

    Although I'm British, I live in Tunisia, and my Boyfriend (who lives in London) is coming out on Friday for a long weekend. I'm so excited to see him and he's keep to keep-to-plan with me :) Chin up :)
  19. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    I noticed you corrected that. 5ft6 is still tall!

    Oh TOTM is the worst. And please dont beat yourself up about the non-Dukan stuff. As long as you are back on plan it will right itself!

    Nice weekend to look forward to ;)?
  20. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey guys! Sorry for being awol the last couple of days, I felt so demotivated by the water-retention by my TOTM and work got insanely busy. Happily I stuck to the diet to a tee, just kept trusting the process, and now I'm finally starting to see some results. The speed however is dismal, but I'm happy to just stick at it and crack on.

    So these first couple of weeks have been a real challenge. I'll record my daily weights here to give you an idea:

    Start Weight: 12st 4
    PP - Day 1: 12st 3.5
    PP - Day 2: 12st 2.75
    PP - Day 3: 12st 1.75
    PP - Day 4: 11st 13.75
    PP - Day 5: 11st 13.25
    PV - Day 6: 11st 13
    PP - Day 7: 12st (TOTM)
    PP - Day 8: 12st 1.25 (TOTM) (I did two PP because I know I had to go for a work lunch the next day)
    PV - Day 9: 12st 1.75 (TOTM)
    PP - Day 10:12st 1.25 (TOTM)
    PV - Day 11: 11st 13.5 (TOTM) Today! :)

    So hopefully we can call that "into the 11's" (again!). Anyway, my boyfriend is arriving tonight and we have a weekend of sightseeing, walking and other exercise ;) planned, and he's excited to try the Dukan diet, so it should be wonderful.

    Happy weekend everyone!!! xoxox
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  21. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    How are things going? Perhaps post a few menus so that we can see what you're eating and perhaps advise... Good luck x
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