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Shirls fight for freedom 2010


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Hi, my name is Shirl, I'm about to hit 40 and am fed up with being embarrassed by how I look, and totally mortified by getting out of breath so easily!
I've been out of work since June and I'm positive my weight is stopping me get a job.

I'm married to a wonderful man, who is a chocoholic and eats to live as opposed to the way I live to eat lol!

I've asked for him to pay for me to go to SW for my birthday. Till then I'm going it alone as much as possible.
I'm setting myself 2 stone goals so that I don't scare myself!

When I weighed myself on Monday I wept!

So stop by if you like...or not lol!
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Well the weekend was a wash out just for a laugh I'm gonna write down what I ate!

B/f= none
Lunch: 2 x white rolls with ham and 1 tsp mayo
1 Pkt Seabooks Crisps

Tea: Chicken breast stuffed with light cheese triangle and wrapped in bacon
Batchelors savoury rice with a pouch of veg
Bowl of jelly (not even the sugar free stuff) ice cream and squirty cream

Hubby opened a box of Christmas chocolates (He's the chocoholic I can usually resist!)
I had 5 of those.

B/F 2 x weetabix and milk from allowance
Lunch: roast pork, roast taties x3, loads of veg, 2 x yorkshire pudding, gravy, crackling and apple sauce,
3 x pear halves in juice, scoop ice cream squirty cream.

Tea: 2 x slices cheese on toast, mullerlight
another x5 of the chocolates

I don't even want to THINK how many syns that lot was!

Back on the wagon today!

Sorry for repeating the post in food diaries!
I posted in wrong place!
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I've just weighed myself and I'm in SHOCK!!!!

I've lost 11lb!!!!

I keep thinking that cannot be right but every time I get on the scales it's the same!!!


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Todays eats were:

B/F = none
Lunch= Sweetcorn Chowder (homemade)
Tea= Quorn sausages, mash, mushy peas,grilled tomatoes, steam fried egg. Mullerlight

snacks Pasta n Sauce made with water

1 tsp low fat marg = 1 Syn
1 x Curley Wurley = 6.5
1x pkt french fries = 4.5

HEX A= 250ml SS milk
HEX B= 2x weetabix
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I'm weighing in on a Monday as when i start at the club it's also a Monday!
Mind with over 10 stone to lose tis a drop in the ocean!


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Well done on your weightloss!! I am doing sw at home at the mo. I lost 5lb on my first weigh in, my only weakness is sweet stuff when I get stressed out so I am trying to be chilled!! good luck to you and well done!!



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Thanks Marie, my problem is a habit of munching alone at night!
Good luck with your weight loss!


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I'm a night time muncher too, have improved in that i usually save my syns for the evening and enjoy a snack without ruining my week. I like walkers french fries (4 syns) or snack a jacks (4 and a half syns) and instead o f a glass of wine i now have coffee, a soft drink or the occasional rum and diet coke( 2.5 syns).
I used to love eating peanuts, tortilla chips with melted cheese and chillies, any crisps ( well i would still love to eat any of these but i don't:()

good luck for the week ahead, how long have you been following the plan?


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I've been following for Two weeks now but didn't weigh myself the first week!
Still it's going ok I think!

Today has been rough, I've had the most horrendous headache.

Lunch : Bowl of Sweetcorn Chowder (this tasted even better the second day)
Tea : Curry made with a jar of Pataks Tikka Masala divided by three of us, and plain boiled rice.

Snack: 2 x Weetabix and milk (that's both my HEX a and B)

I ought to find out how many Syns that is, but I've had no Syns at all today and am going back to bed in a bit!

Right I did a bit of detective work (searched the forum) and discovered that Pataks is 24,5 Syns a jar so by dividing it between three it was 8 Syns
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Hope your headache is feeling better.

10 stone may seem like a lot to lose( I had 7 stone to shift so know how you feel) but if you break it down into mini one stone goals it's achieveable and you can certainly do it if you follow SW. I lost quite quickly at first but it's slowed down now, but i will get there, less than 2 stone to go now.

I had a curry last night too, i was doing green day(as usual) so made it with quorn chunks and passata and lots of veg and curry powder and it was syn free, saving my syns for snacks in the evening.

Have a good day today:)


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Today was headache free first time in five days!

Brunch= Bacon, eggs, tinned tomatoes 2x slices toast 1 tsp low fat spread (I hexb) 4.5 Syns
Tea- Cottage pie , 2tsp x low fat spread 2 SYns 28g reduced fat cheddar (/4) 1 Syn

Alpen light bar 3 Syns

Syns- 10.5

I've just realised I'm not eating enough fruit (yuck only like tinned or bananas!) or veg, there were loads of carrots, peas and butter beans in the Cottage Pie, but I got broccoli out and forgot to cook it!


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*Ahem* Draws a curtain over yesterday!

Going out for a meal tonight, I have NO idea what it is as it's a Church run thing with a free will offering to pay for it, so it could be anything from fish and chips to a cold buffet!
Mind you I have a very dodgy tummy today (probably because of yesterday), so will take it easy, maybe just have a yogurt and banana for lunch, and an omelette a bit later on.