Shock At Photo From 06.

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  1. CoCo

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    I found our holiday photos from 2006 on the pc, and I can't believe what I look like!! I was still undiagnosed with my under active thyroid, and can remember struggling with WW, counting points and not losing an ounce. I was 13stone then. I am 5ft 4" so that's big for my height.
    I might put it on the fridge, cos that will stop me when I get peckish.
    Actually, I better print out quite a few, one on the biscuit tin, one on the crisp cupboard, one on the kids easter eggs:D The list is endless.
    But seriously, looking at this pic of me at 13 and now as of today I am 11 stone 6 pounds I really don't want to be 13 stone again. It's taken me all this time to get to the weight I am now.
    I might put the pic on my signature, and put another up next month and so on until I get to 10 and half stone (fingers crossed)
    Does anyone know how to edit a pic on a pc so my face is blanked out?
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  3. Kitteh

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    go to paint.. and scribble over it.. hehe.. thats what i would do. im so high tech.. lol

    Well done honey.. good idea about the fridge..

    x x x

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