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Shoes hurting...

Ha Ha its bizarre you should ask this question because i went out last night with hubby and some friends for a birthday celebration and i wore 4 inch heels with a sight platform at the front. I danced all night and my feet were fine. Six months ago i would have been in agony with sore achy feet.



Can hug her knees :)
Good question :)
I need to buy all new part shoes as my feet have shrank and they are all too big :( xx


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Definitely! I find the gel pad insert things help too ;)
Haha never thought id see that anywere Guru! From previous experience the gel things are rubbish. I hope heels will be comfier for me as i cant wait to be able to show off my slimmer legs :D


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oOOo no I bought a pair of the gel things for an event I went to recently and wore heels all night with no problems. They really helped!
Hmm will maybe have to try gel thingys again once some of my bulk drops off. (lovely imagery there!) Thing is its not like i want to live in heels at goal just to be able to wear them as and when i want and not worry about being crippled after 20 mins!
I wore heels today for the first time in years - ok so they weren.t stiletto type thin heels but they were higher than anything Ihave worn in donkeys and I enjoyed it and they didn't hurt.
I got the biggest giggle this morning when my 10 year old went to school dressed as a Victorian party goer (per her class's instructions for Victorian day). She headed out the door tottering on her high heels, and when she got to the edge of the driveway where it is sloped, she asked me to come out and hold her hand to walk her down to the pavement! I told her that if she found it too much -- she could take the plimsoles out of her PE Kit and wear those.

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When I lost the weight before (7st) , I could wear all my lovely heels no problems. Now I have gained some of it back, I can't wear them as they hurt. So in my case, being lighter eliminated the pain! x

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