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Shopping - the downside of losing weight...


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... okay so there is no real 'downside' to losing the weight but all this does make shopping for clothes really difficult.

I've been trawling the net looking at clothes that I'd love to buy for my holidays in June and July/August. Only problem with this being that I've no idea what size I'll be so just can't do it. I thought of just getting some in say an 18 (can't dare dream for a 16 yet) but then thought that if I did buy them now and they didn't fit I wouldn't be able to take them back to the shop as I'd have had them for too long. I also know that by the time the time is near and I know what size I am all the stuff I like will have been well sold out.

Come to the conclusion that this year I'll just have to make do with what I can buy nearer the time and next year I'll be able to plan and shop early! Can't wait ;)

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to be honest, if the only thing you're worried about is your clothes being too big for you, i'd stop worrying so much honey. hardly a downside really! :)


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I know what you mean, Cath. We are thinking of a holiday in August and I too wonder what size I will be! I am still utterly convinced I will still be losing by then as I have so much to lose, but guessing what size is an almost impossible task!

Still, as you say, lets just make the most of the summer sales and see if we can pick up some bargains just before the off!! Wont we be happy bunnies......???


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We will indeed ..... suppose getting them cheap makes them all the better too :)

I can see me doing this to Christmas at least before I get to a healthy bmi but it'll all be worth it when I get there.

Dont even think about getting clothes for your hols yet !!!!
You will drop sizes like there is no tomoro , and what you think you would like now , may not be what will lokk right when you have dropped 2 or 3 more sizes !!!!! Believe me on that one .

I have dropped 2-3 sizes and now where clothes i would never have dreamed of b4 losing the weight .

Well done on your losses so far and one piece of advice .... save some money so that 2-3 weeks b4 your hol go and buy new clothes and your cossie then .

Enjoy girls xxx
Hi Cath,

I too have the same hoiday dilema!

We have booked with friends for 6th August and I have seen rack upon rack of clothes in Matalan and Primark which would be cheap and cheerful. However, I know realistically should hold off, but this may well be the year I could wear what I want and not feel like a beached whale. :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

Ah well, My plan is to keep an eye on the summer stuff and when it looks like it may be on its way out, perhaps get a few essentials which may well be in the sale!

Just think, we are all going to do it this time instead of dreaming about it
I wouldn't buy any new bits yet, each dress size accommodates between 12 to fourteen pounds, which as we all know is a stone, you will still drop size after size before your hols. Wait until the week before you go and that way you get to try them on and buy only what you are happy looks good on you. I have found shopping a real nightmare.... in a good way. I still keep picking up sizes i used to be, it's not until i put them on in the changing room in front of i mirror that i realise the sizes i have picked up are still too big. It's really tough to get your head around. Try and hold off if you can, the results are worth it . Good luck xxx

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