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What is it about clothes shopping that makes you want to kill yourself??!! Ok so maybe i'm exaggerating slightly, but OMG went to Asda for a few bits and pieces for the girls and i thought 'ooooh while i'm here i'll get some new trousers.' Went and picked some up - size 20 and a couple of tops that looked ok, went to the changing room only to find that the trousers wouldn't go over my hips and the tops both made me look heavily pregnant (ok so my fat is what ACTUALLY makes me look heavily pregnant, but you get my drift) :cry::cry::cry::cry:I came out feeling bigger than i did when i went in!
However, as an incentive i bought the trousers anyway, give it a few weeks and i'll be in them! ;) (well if i find a new CDC anyway!)
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I avoid shopping for clothes and i tend to only go if things are looking tight and shabby. The plus side is that when you cant fit into things you like you are more determined to lose the weight. Good luck in finding a new CDC .
Asda clothes are often a bit contrary - sometimes I can get into one thing but not another the exact same size. Maybe it's down to where they're manufactured.

The T-shirts are usually too short for me - I like to have my budhha belly well and truly convered. Most of the 'smock' type tops make me look 10 months pregnant with triplets - when in reality I only look 10 months pregnant with twins! How inconsiderate is that?

I'm just having to face the fact that I'm just not going to be happy with ANYTHING I wear at the moment but that things will soon change.


Addicted to Minimins!
I don't think i'd have been happy even if they fitted perfectly, the fact is that i don't look the way i want to......................YET!
I don't think it helps the matter that the lighting is always movie-set standard and the mirrors appear to have been used in "Alice in Wonderland."

Hungry Hippo
If it makes you feel any better I've got some 18 trousers from asda that are tight and some 16 ones that are slightly loose, don't go by sizes, you're on here doing cd so you'll be tiny soon, thats what matters xxx
And you will be staggered and amazed at how quickly what is currently too tight will be falling off!


Addicted to Minimins!
Yeah i know that i shouldn't go by size, but i guess i've fooled myself into thinking that my weight problem wasn't THAT bad. Its only those rare occasions when i catch a glimpse of what i REALLY look like i get down about it. Do i REALLY look pregnant??? Errrrrmmmmm.........honest answer would be yes! :(
Not for much longer though! :)
And you will also be staggered and amazed at how what once was an ordeal becomes a pleasure. I speak as someone who detested shopping for clothes but has just spent £*%$£"£$ this morning!! I really did need clothes for work ......she tells herself repeatedly....



Addicted to Minimins!
has just spent £*%$£"£$ this morning!! I really did need clothes for work ......she tells herself repeatedly....
Bless ya! I'm sure you really, really needed every single thing you bought!
I HATE clothes shopping! My OH loves the fact that i don't drag him round the shops on a Saturday!!

Fuzzys Angel

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Awwww bless ya hun :hug99: it won't be long until yo'll enjoy shopping. I hated clothes shopping when i was bigger, i even had trouble buying things in evans coz i felt frumpy even if they did fit!

But now i love it i spend a fortune on clothes :eek: & why not? all those years of not buying i'm making up for it now!! :D

Chin up hun you wait until you can buy all those skimpy clothes for summer :).....xxx

Deb G

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I bought 5 pairs of trousers in the NEXT Christmas sale. All five pairs fit me perfectly, but 1 is a size 14, 2 are 12s and 2 are 10s. So ignore the label and go with what fits and looks good. I'm the LAST person I would expect to be saying that, but I've FINALLY learned the truth!


Tell me about it! I went out a lunchtime spotted a lovely dress in Monsoon in the sale that I thought would fit my shape perfectly................but it actually made me look bigger - how the hell does that happen!?????

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