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Should I Stay or Should I Go - Experienced Opinions Appreciated. Long post.

Well, Ive been on the CD diet for just over 7 months now and have lost so far, 6 stones. BUT I now find myself thinking more and more about stopping this diet and now just eating healthily. I originally got on this diet as I was so big I was in the "candidate for a heart-attack" region so now after losing 6 stones, even though I am not healthy according to all the "experts" I am no where near in the danger zone I was before. And, to be honest, I just want to eat now. I feel like, in between meals I now want to eat, say a banana or something else healthy. I dont want to move up to the meal stages of this diet just to have food. I am on SS+ at the moment so I do have a small meal at night. Im just missing being able to have something nice to eat, as a treat, when I want it. And Im now thinking, well now Im not in danger any more, why not come off this extreme diet and just eat healthily. I am now down to 16st 2lbs. My original goal was to get down from my starting point of 22st 3 down to 16st. Completed. Then I re-assessed and made a further goal of getting down to 14st - I dont know whether to do that on this diet or to try to do that by just eating healthily on WeightWatchers (I loved WW before this diet, but needed a fast loss, thats why I done this diet.) After 7 months, not sure I can take much longer (how bad does that sound.) Please help - what are your opinions ?
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Congratulations on getting so far, and on losing so much weight! you must really be able to feel and see the difference on a day to day basis?

Have you thought about just going up the steps on Cambridge at all? Maybe doing 810, 1000 or 1200 steps? that might be just what you need. However if you are feeling like you need a change then go for it. You know you can do Cambridge, and you know it works for you, so give something else a go if thats what you want to do, but know that you can always come back to CD if other things don't work out for you.

Not an expert opinion I am afraid, but an opinion none the less :D


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Paul, it sounds a fantastic journey and well done for losing so much and getting away from "danger weight"!.

While I am not expereinced in CD, I do know that if you take your eye of the game even for a week pounds can go on and on and on and before you know it, here we are again.

I think healthy eating would be a great step for you, you've done so well and sounds like you need a break. Just be careful you're not like me and back where you started.

Good luck

Hi Paul, as BB said you could start moving up the plans until you find the plan that suits you or if its a total change the move to WW if thats what you enjoyed before, remember if you go back to WW you will be on less points this time round becauseyou are looooooooots smaller.lol.

My plan is to ss until 11st 1lb the move up to 810 until mid December them I think I will move onto WW or Sw to lose another st then use them to maintain.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do hun, you have done brill hun.xx
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I understand exactly how you're feeling as i'm also having these feelings.
I've been doing CD now for just over 5 months and although it's hard at the beginning I also think the final stages are just as hard if not harder.
You start to feel the huge benefits of losing weight and that coupled with the compliments you receive you start to question if you need to carry on.
My reasoning is that I have come this far and I might as well finish the journey that I started. Yes, I could move on to WW or similar but it will take me so much longer to reach my target. What is another 2 months in the big scheme of things.
I also feel that it is necessary to move all the way through the plans on CD as I really feel this will help in my maintenance.
However, really this is only a decision you can make and I understand how hard a decision this can be to make.
Congratulations on your fantastic loss and good luck on which ever journey you choose to continue on.

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