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shoulder to cry on


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Hi guys,

I posted this in the ttc thread yesterday and had no responses... probably should have found this place first! :)

I folks.. I needed to come here and off-load.. I'm just back from my new GP..
I moved house/town two years ago and started the TTC tests/scans etc.. the gp said I probably need clomid, but she'd refer me to a fertility clinic.. when the appointment finally came through it was accidentally for gynae, who said she'd do a heap of tests and if they all came back as expected she'd refer me to a firtility clinic where I'll probably be given clomid. The scans were done (she lady there also gave me an idea of what is likely to happen next.. she said the gyny will probably refer me to a fertility clinic where I'll probably be prescribed......guess what?!)... so, had another appointment with the specialist, who said that now all results are back, she can confirm that I need to go to a fertility clinic where they'll prescribe clomid.

However, while I was waiting for the fertility clinic appointment to come through, I was finally able to move to somewhere permanent... the bad news.. a new town, so a new GP.. and now I have to start all over again. I took with me all the paper work, all the results, all the recommendations..

The GP said that we can't look at anything like clomid until we've done everything else - he wants to start me on metformin and do various blood tests over the next few months (I'M 35, I'm not having periods, I'm not ovulating, we've been TTC for over 18 months and we know there's nothing wrong with my OH..).. Metformin?? Does he really think that will cut it?? And he talked at length about me loosing weight... as though it was something I'd never thought of??!!!!! I first tried metformin 11 years ago and was bathroom bound unpredictably for days! It just didn't suit me. I tried again when they introduced slow release but I just don't like being permanently on medication, and my guts are dodgy at the best of times :( Sorry to share this with you, but I just want to get this right now.

thank you for listening.


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How frustrating for you. If I were you, I would either see another GP in your practice or demand a referral. A GP cant start from the beginning when you have started from the beginning but moved mid way through.

Make an appointment if you can't see another GP tell him that you've had metformin and that you don't tolerate it. You were about to be prescribed clomid, you have paperwork to back it up and you insist on a referral.

It's beyond frustrating for you to have to begin from the beginning.


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Surely your old GP can send your records on, I'd be surprised if he doesn't, and if they drag their heels you could always ask for your own records (there is sometimes a charge) and pass them on yourself. You shouldn't have to start from scratch. If a cancer patient moved, the doctor wouldn't tell them they have to have a biopsy all over again!

I'm very sorry about your medical problems, and I hope they get better very soon *hugs*


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Thank you guys for taking the time to read.. it means a lot.

They said to go back in a month, so I'm going to go back in a month but book in with someone else from the same surgery. By then I'll either be on metformin regularly or I'll have not tolerated it. Each month is ebbing away at my chances and that's not good, but I don't know how long the waiting list for the fertility clinic is anyway and it's possible that a month isn't that big a difference.. if I can use this month to loose some weight and get fitter then I'm still doing something productive. I'm trying so hard to be positive about this - can you tell? :eek: By the time I go back in a month, I'll also be a bit more settled in my new home and job, and be starting to make some friends around here, so I should start to feel more confident to tell the GP that I would like the referral and that it's overdue and this is likely to be damaging my chances of having children. I can't be playing around with this anymore.

Thank you for your support xx


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Good luck!
I can totally sympathise!
I was first prescribed metformin about 13 years ago. Having never had regular periods and after being told I would never concieve naturally, I ended pregnant after being on metformin about 6 weeks!

It didn't work out, and I went back on Dianette. I stopped taking Metformin and have tried several time since and it gives the same side effect so I stop.

Anyway, I am now thinking about TTC again, and have started taking the Met this morning. I am going to try to build it up gradually, again too many carbs and fats ( I'm doing the Weight to go diet anyway) and see if I can tolerate the met until the side effects go away.

Good luck, and you never know, if you can tolerate the met you might just get there naturally.

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