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shrinking boobs

Sorry boys for this maybe to much info lol.

Hi all
went in to m&s today to have my bust measured, as i no and can see that they have clearly shrunk, the woman that done it said i was the same size as before NO i am not i replied YES you are she said.
So i walked out none the wiser, what a waste of time lol

Any way while im moaning if anybody else says "thats enough now you dont need to loose any more"
i will kill lol
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My boobs have deffo shrunk, my OH calls them (skin) now lol, but I love having smaller boobs, so much nicer than the bigger ones I had before.


One last chance
Mine have shrunk so much, my weightloss started off their first.

I've gone from a 38 DD to 34 B. Not insanely upset, but for my frame, small boobs aren't nice.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol, im barely a B!

It sucks that boobs are the first place to shrink :(


One last chance
I know what you mean, boobs are made of mostly fat after all, so it's inevitable.


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Iv got big boobs and even when I lost the weight before they didn't really get any smaller sometimes it is a pain having big boobs, Im only 20 and already need a boob uplift how bad is that!!


One last chance
I just feel more feminine if I have them bigger :). You know, there are exercises for boobs to get em lifted a little and more firm.


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yeah I have tried exercises to try and lift them a bit but they haven't made much difference and Im still not happy with them, I don't know sometimes I do wish I had smaller boobs


One last chance
Hehe girls with small one's want big one's and girl's with big one's want small ones.

My older sis has big boobs too, but they're saggy (no offense to her), she wishes she had mine she says LOL.

I've still got time for them to grow i guess, but I'm waiting for my periods to return :(

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