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Shrinking feet....


Now to maintain.....
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has anyone else found this?????
my feet have shrank!!!!!!

i took a pair of shoes on holiday having not worn them for a while and to my suprise they were too big....so today i tried on all my shoes and have found the same thing with most things!!!!

i was a 5 or 5.5 with the occasional small 6.
now im a 5 or 4.5!!!!
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Yes me, used to be an 8 now getting into a 7 and even managed a 6 ... :0
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Its true, im gutted. Iv got about 4 pairs of expensive heels i just cant wear, not even with insoles..

i was a 6, now im a 5! x
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If only!
My feet have always been a massive size 8 regardless of my weight!

My little boy is the same, hes just 6 and wears a size 1, my little girls is almost 3 and is a 9!



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Your feet definately get bigger/fatter when you put weight on I went from a size 5 to sometimes a 7, now I am back to a 6 and shrinking, strange but true!
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Yep me too -I was an 8 and now Im a 6-6.5 depending on style :p
who knows, by the time I get to target I might be able to buy from the kiddies section :rotflmao:


Will be slinky!
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Not me, i've always been a 8-9 regardless of my weight :(

Wish they'd shrink a bit!


Just doing it this time
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yes your feet lose weight too - also the feet mirror the body shape - so if you are big busted and hips but have a smaller waist then the ball of the foot will be big and the heel will be roughly the same size and the middle of your foot will be smaller.

IF you are straight up and down (like me) then the foot will basically be straight up and down.

go on - take your shoes off now and study them there feet.
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i used to be a size 6 but have gone up 2 shoe sizes since putting weight on the doctor said the extra weight is more pressure on ur feet so they spread out resulting in having to have a larger size am hoping when i lose all my weight that i will be able to get into a 7 watch this space lol :)


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i used to be a 7/8 but now I can get in anything from size 5s to 8s depending on the style


I will be a Princess!
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:eek: I hope my feet don't shrink!! I can't afford new shoes, lol! :) Although my feet are actually quite slim so maybe they won't. Fingers crossed hey! :8855: xx

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