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Shrinking Shams Weightloss Journey

Hello, never really done anything like this before but nothing else has really worked for me so i'm gonna give it a go and see how i get on-im just warning you i will prob forget to update for a couple of days then write a three page essay when i do remember:) I cant remember a time when i wasn't on a diet of some form or another-i can still remember that faithful day when my dad told me I had a bit of a belly on me ( i think i was 11) and since then, as I have said, I have dieted. You name it I have tried it-weight watchers, detox, slimming world, lipotrim, acai berry, diet pills, atkins-everything and i always manage to lose a bit then get bored and put it all back on again. I lost 21/2 on weight watchers, was one pound away from target and stopped going to the meetings and gradually piled it all back on again, same thing happened with slimming world and thats alot of money wasted on going to meetings everyweek only to throw it all away.

I think part of my problem is that I have never really wanted it for me! In the past losing weight was always about pleasing other people, looking more attractive for other people, not being the fat bridesmaid at my sisters wedding etc. But now (hold your breath for the epiphany) I have realised that the only way I am going to successfully lose weight is to do it for myself.

So here I am embarking on this long journey to my ideal weight. I have 40 pounds to lose doing a low card diet and exercise. I am truly inspired by the success stories and motivational tips from members on this site and I hope that you will help and encourage me on my journey, and I in turn look forward to following your journeys, Sham xxxx

P.S feel free to add me as a friend xx:flirt2:
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Right so I am currently on a twelve day Educo-gym diet which is high protein and fat and low on carbs. It is not a very varied menu but iv just finished day 5 and not stuggling too much.

Today I ate;

Breakfast-two eggs (boiled with butter) ang 90g redskin peanuts

Lunch-Tinned mackerel in olive oil (drained) with 90g cream cheese and salad

Dinner- 5oz frying steak, mushrooms and broccolli

And lots of water!!!!

Doesnt sound too hard but the cream cheese is hard to get through and im really craving fruit which isnt allowed on this phases of the diet.

Im not going to weigh in until next wed which is the 12th day, after which I move onto a more mainable low carb diet in which ur allowed fruit and fish. Only thing that really bothers me is I get really peckish late at night and your not allowed anything after dinner at 6-its prob just boredom tho-iv been drinking lots of water to suppress it, Sham xxx
Today was a disaster, woke up had breakfast (2 eggs, 2 bacon) grand. then went to play pitch and putt with my dad and brother. Then went to my sisters house which was only suppose to be for an hour but didn't get home to 8 this evening, so for lunch I ate tinned mackerel-strait from the tin cause that is pretty much the only thing she had in her house that i was allowed to eat. I think it was mainly physcological because they were all sitting around eating biscuits and fish fingers, pizza and chips but I felt so fed up and bored of this diet-if I had a bag of nuts to munch on I would have been as happy as a pig in mud but silly only me didnt come prepared.

Confession time-I ate one fish finger (batter pealed off-still bad as im not suppose to have fish in the initial stage, and a twix-sinful) Im not going to beat myself up about it tho-no point, tomorrows a new day and hopefully I haven't done so much damage that outweighs the effort I have put in this week so far.

For dinner I had thee best steak ever and a small amount of veg and lots and lots of water. I have also noticed that I am smoking loads more than I was before I started this diet due to no snacks allowed so I need to keep an eye on that.

Tomorrow is a new day but one thing I have learned from today is: ALWAYS BE PREPARED!!!! xx
back on track today thank god, yesterday was ok (had a wee slip up) but generally I was good and today iv been really good.

Breakfast: 2 eggs and 2 bacon
Lunch: tin of mackerel and salad
Dinner: 4oz steak, mushrooms and courgettes
snack: 3oz mixed nuts.

Only three days to go on stage one hopefully weigh in on wed will show good results. xx
Good luck with your weight loss put the weekend behind ya you can do it lol x
Thanks madmuppet, your doing brilliantly xx
Hi Sham,

Sounds like you're doing a really good job so far. We all slip up now and again, but it's best to forget it and move on to the next day. You certainly have the determination from what I have read.

Good luck with your weigh in

FG x
Thanks fatgirl26, im hoping it pays off on wed when I weigh in. Well done in your first week at slimming world thats brilliant-keep it up xxx
Just found out today that I get my final uni results on wednesday morning, absoluting bricking it but hopefully itl be ok!! first weigh in is on wed too so its all going on, then going out for dinner wed night and I fully plan to eat exactly what I want and then move into phase two on thursday.

Today I ate;
Breakfast: 2 eggs
Lunch: tinned wild red salmon with cream cheese and salad
Dinner: pork chop, mushrooms and cabbage
snack: 3oz mixed nuts
Hi Sham!

Sorry to hear you've been dieting for so long, but well done on finally doing it for YOU! Sounds like you're doing really well. Good luck with your Uni results on Wednesday!
Thanks Cherry Pie, I realised (not to sound bad) but the hinderence my family can have on my weightloss and on my mood when Im dieting. "can you eat that" "are you sure your allowed that" etc I finally had to tell them to keep out of it and let me do it my own way and I feel really positive about it. Thank you good luck on your journey, hope to speak to you soon xxx
oooo good luck on your uni results and weigh in lol you will be fine hun xx
WOOHOO got a 2.1 honours in my degree, absolutely delighted and got an A in my dissertation so Im on bloody cloud nine at the moment. Weighed in this morning and Iv lost 10lb on induction so im really really pleased. Obviously have to go out with the family to celebrate tonight but ill be right back on track tomoro. So so happy, what a good start to my wednesday xxx
WOW Big congrates hun on not only your results but what a excellant weight loss keep up the good work your doing brilliantly :) x
Thanks madmuppet, still on cloud nine, went out for dinner and drinks tonight so need to be back on track tomoro xxx
Congratulations xx
Oh deary me, iv been a very very bad girl this weekend, went completely off plan, but is was my birthday and i thoroughly enjoyed myself so im not too beat up about it :) Starting the second phase of the diet tomoro, i am allowed greek youghurt and kiwi and berries for breakfast, prawns or tuna with salad for lunch, and meat and veg for dinner-hopefully ill be able to stick to it!!! xxx

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