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Sick as a small Hospital!!!


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I have flu !!! I have been fighting it since Monday with paracetamol but it ain't working so my Bf is bringing me home lemsips and lozengers and any other flu drugs he can get his hands on!!!!
So im breaking my diet today, but at least im not thinking about food, I was supposed to weigh in yesterday but couldn't move so hopefully i'll be able too before the end of the week! I wont run out of shakes as i have loads left! (But i cant drink them anyways!!!)

I've only had a real flu once before it ain't pretty, hopefully i'll be able to go to my Halloween party on sat night i bought my costume ages ago!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Load up on paracetamol, keep warm, keep hydrated ( drink water not scotch :)) and get all the TLC you can get as real flu' is really horrible.

Do not worry about eating the fever will burn up all those cals.
Hope you get well soon.....we all have blips so don't worry....get loads of rest and hope to see you fighting fit in time.
Oh poor you! Stay well wrapped up in bed and drink plenty of liquids......

I had swine flu last year, think I got it either in Toronto or New York as I was travelling a lot. Couldn't move out of bed for two weeks and was totally delirious for three days, it was really scary and I even lost control of my bodily functions which wasn't pleasant.......lost a shed load of weight though and then found that I could hardly eat for weeks afterwards! I kept hoping that my appetite wouldn't come back, but it did.....

God bless xx
I hope you feel better soon hun x x


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Thanks everyone!! Your all very good xxx
aww tht sounds so awful, get better!!!
Commiserations, Lou :( I have had the flu jab once in my life, and that year I got the worst bout of flu I can ever remember. Couldn't stay out of bed for more than 10mins without getting dizzy.

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