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Sick of drinking water lol x

I started Lipotrim on the 8th of October. My friend lost two stone on it and looked really well so thought I would give it a try. My weight has crept up slowly since I got married in April probably due to the fact that I stopped having something to strive for. I have found lipotrim relatively easy to follow but cannot drink these enormous amounts of water they recommend. Does anybody else have the same problem ????
Anyway, went to my first weigh in last Friday and had lost five pounds but thought this was a relatively low amount after reading other peoples successes so was a little bit downhearted .
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5lbs is a good loss Lisa, but water really is the key to this diet... Can you not drink it in tea or coffee? That still counts towards your water intake. Some people say drinking through a straw helps, and others use a sports bottle... Please don't get downhearted.. It is going in the right direction, and at a a faster rate than any other diet x x
Thanks for the advice-
I work as a post lady so can't drink loads of water through the day as I would be looking for a toilet every five minutes ha ha x
I have been trying in the evenings drinking sparkling water which has been going down a bit better.


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Lisa 26- try soda water instead of sparkling- I'd easily drink 2 litres of it in the evening- I put it into a wine glass to make it feel like I'm having something speacial xx
Hi thanks retailchick just looking at your weightlosses are your weight losses lower because you started at a lower weight - tried to speak to my chemist on friday about if this was the case with mine but she didn't really seem that interested xxx
Hi Lisa what I do is fill 4x750ml water bottles and I have 1 before' my first shake, then between each shake and after my last one that way it's spread out and I find it much easier to get down and I know I've had 3ltrs hope this helps x

p.s 5lb is fantastic good luck with your LT journey
thanks molly - another great tip xxx
i know water does help but i really just feel overwhelmed by the quantity - oh well tomorrows another day and i'll keep trying to up the quantity each day x
Hi, Lisa
I started lipotrim nearly 2 wks ago and i find it so so hard esp when i didnt drink lots of fluids before. Anyway I have 2 x 1lt bottles of water which i refil and have one in the morning before my shake at 10ish, my second shake is round 2ish and i usually have water before and after to try and fill myself up more.
My last shake is at 6ish but usually drink water between the second and last.
At night is when i find it hardest so i usually keep the last one for that time. To be honest when i dun lipotrim the 1st time I didnt drink as much as I shud have and although Im not a fan its making me lose weight this time faster and also making my mouth feel fresher. maybe crush some ice in it or like the other ladies said have tea and coffee.

Good luck



2 Years Maintaining :)
Hi Lisa, yeah I was a bit disappointed with my 1st WI but my pharmacist was lovely and in fairness she did stress to me before hand that because I didn't have a huge amount of weight to lose (1st 11lbs) that my loss would be slower. I have drank at least 3-4 ltrs of water a day tho which helps but this week I dont think I've lost anything- WI friday tho so we'll find out :)

Really try drink the water tho because it does help and it is a good habit to get into hun. x
thanks ladies for the helpful advice (as usual) x
well weigh in is looming :( and i'm really dreading it. it should be a loss fingers crossed, but as my husband says as long as the scales go down a loss is a loss and it all adds up. i really am trying hard but have no motivation at all and have been so so tired don't know if this is due to the diet or not ????
well thankfully another 5lbs off it's going in the right direction x the chemist lady wasn't very helpful in terms of refeeding as I've got a holiday coming up but i will have to look into to that closer to the time :s
well done on your loss.
Great loss Lisa x x
well extremely bad day today - i've eaten real food . I've felt so ill my husband said you'll have to eat today and see how you feel later or you'll come off the diet completely. I have done and feel a little better than earlier. Going to restart tomorrow and hopefully today hasn't caused too much damage obviously my health is more important but just feel like a big fat cheater now :(
It's just a one off Lisa.. The majority of us have done it hun... Put it behind you and get back on track.. You will be fine x x x
It all depends what you had Lisa. I had scrambled eggs last week one night and still lost 3lbs
sorry i haven't been on for a couple of days had a few family problems (nothing too serious!) after a disastrous week of eating went to my weigh in even though i really didn't want to an still lost two pounds which was surprising !!! Restarted yesterday and hopefully i'm on to a better week !!!! Managed the gym today for the first time in over a week - so everything crossed i'll get over the stone mark this week x
Well done Lisa... Great loss considering you weren't expecting it x x x

If you keep 100% (with or without the gym) i am sure you will lose those few pounds to get you over a stone x x

Good luck hun x x
another two pounds off this week halfway there yess !!!! and got to the stone mark - so pleased really can't believe i've got this far. at least i know i've got some will power - perhaps after this i might try giving up smoking ????

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