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Sick of people opinions!

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Gosh im so annoyed!

Im sick of coming into work having people watch everything im eating!

I put a x light cheese triangle in my eggs this morning (v yummy) and I once again got told by someone else il get fat adding cheese!

I nearly had a full on argument with them. Wish people would mind there own business and leave me alone!

Pure Idiots :banghead:
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Excuse my bluntness but tell them to bugger off! What you eat is no-one elses business! Ask them if they know how SW works....when they say no, say well as you don't understand it i'll appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself.


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
And as cheese is part of a healthy balanced diet maybe they should address their own eating patterns before questioning yours. xx


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yeah tell them to get lost. Loving the triangle in egg tip, i miss egg in a cup because i used to have it with lots of butter :-( Will need to try it.x
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I have kept the fact Im on a diet to my mum sister and boyf - no1 else knows and thats the way I like it!, or every1 is an expert or u feel like ur being watched and judged just makes something that is hard for most of us even harder

and after ((quite a few)) failed diets I feel like people dnt take me seriously half the time anyway

There r so many diets and plans out there so how people think they know everything about them all ((and its usually people who have never been on a diet in their lives! (friggin know it alls)) but the fact is they really dnt!

You will have the last laugh anyway when you reach ur goal and look FaBuLoUs!!! :D


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I agree with rayven tell them to bugger off and also dairy products especially the low fat verity are excellent for helping you loose weight. I tell very few people i'm on slimming world for that reason :D
Not only, should you tell them to stuick their advice where the sun doens't shine,. but you should then go on to explain exactly why its none of their business. Someone at work told me the other day that they could never understand how people put on weight as she can't understand how people eat more than 2000 calories a day. We were in the pub at the time. I had diet coke, she had a pint (her third of the afternoon). So I went on to explain exactly how many calories were in her 3 pints and then told her to stick her misconceptions up her very small arse!
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I can't really tell my M in L to bugger off but she does annoy me when she says - you are not going to eat all that are you, I thought you were on a diet.
Had to bite my lip and go in the kitchen and eat on my own and was glad when she decided to eat her meals from a tray in front of the TV.
Always give her her dinner when Neighbours is on :) works every time.


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OMG my dad is exactly the same...the other day i was eating a piece of chicken left over form sunday dinner and he was like "thats your down fall eating things like that!..i nearly told him to F*** off but he's my dad so i politly said you dont know what your talking about! Oh it made me mad!!! My MIL is great she really encourages me but its my Dad who doesnt know what he's talking about!! ooowf!

Im the same i dont tell people im on a diet because alot of "experts" come out of the woodwork and advise you what to do!

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I sometimes think that people who know nothing about nutrition think that people on a diet should only be nibbling on a lettuce leaf. You will have the last laugh when you are slim and healthy and have enjoyed your food while getting there.


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I get a lot of interest in my meals at work... everyone says I always have such lovely food & most people admit they are jealous as their sandwich is boring :)


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i get ppl trying to sabotage!!!! "oh come on..you deserve a night off...stop being so strict with yourself". emmm no sod off, i will choose when i have a night off, not you!!!!! xx


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Tell them that you are on a see food diet. Will soon shut them up. xx
Something similar happened to me just yesterday. I was so surprised that I just laughed out loud.

So I was asked why I was laughing, which only made me laugh more. So she walked away. With any luck she now thinks I am deranged, and won't mention it again!


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I hate that too! For a start a light cheese triangle is what...20kcals?? Ooo better watch out, soooo fattening! :p

It's similar to what I've had these last couple of weeks. Have lost a pound this week and a pound the last...which so far for me is quite a slow loss. The boyfriend and parents are like "ooo well get back on it this week" (I wasn't off it!) and "aw never mind" and "oh don't be going off plan, you've been doing so well" and "oh that's a shame, what have you done wrong?" (nothing!!)...driving me nuts!

I even had a "Who's been eating this chocolate in the cupboard?" in a "I know what you've done" voice...wasn't me, was my daughter as it's her chocolate! Pee's me off...

I always tell myself I'll not tell peeps when I start a diet but I can't help myself because I talk about syns and recipes and like encouragement but the silly things that are said without thinking and without malice really wind me up!

Just ignore them, the proof will be in the pudding, or lack of it ;)


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In my office this one woman is calorie counting and if she isn't eating (which is all the time - she regularly has her lunch at about 10am because she's so hungry) she's talking about food and totally obsesses about it ALL the time.

Don't get me wrong - I have my own issues - but going on about food ALL the time can't be good for you. If she not eating..she's talking about what she's had, what she's going to have, what she should have, what she can't have...
THEN tells everyone else what they should be eating.(>_<)

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