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sick of peoples negativity!

ooooh so tired of ppl saying i look tired and i should eat! and ive got 2 children to look after and the diets not healthy!!! being 12st 4lbs aint healthy!!!!! grrrrrhhhh it gets me down all my friends are so negative about the diet im sick of backing my own corner, why can they not see im doing this to make myself happier and healthier for me and my children, i read up on exante for a year or 2 before i started i know exactly what to excpect( im on wk 6 now) grrrrrh
RANT OVER!!! does anyone else experience this??
laura xx
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Yes! I don't tell anyone except immediate family and a couple of close friends because people think it gives them the right to an opinion just because they don't understand it.

Be prepared for people saying 'ooh you've lost too much weight now, you're looking gaunt!' which is what they've been saying to my mum now she's lost lots of weight. Have to say its usually the ones who need to lose a bit of weight that say this...jealousy??! Ignore and keep on, you're doing well and I'm sure you feel better for not carrying the extra weight around, I know I do and will continue to feel better as I keep losing xx
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Yep constantly, it'll get worse before it gets better. Just keep doing it for yourself, if someone says you look tired just say your gonna have an early night. If they say eat something just say you will when your hungry. Don't allow them to mention the diet. Say to ur friends they look tired... Bet they won't like that. Xx
cheers, its sounds awfull bt am glad am not the only person going through this!:cry:the more ppl say it to me makes me more determined, i used to be 17st 2.5lbs, this is the slimmest ive bin since i was 13!!! and i WILL get to 9st and be happy with how i look whatever people may say, ive even said to my fiance im going to tell people ive started having a meal at breakfast to shut them up(even though i havent lol)


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Haha Carrie I like you're style. Next time someone says 'you're too thin now, my Mum should say I know but you're still fat!' Don't think she'd have many friends left do you?!
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Haha Carrie I like you're style. Next time someone says 'you're too thin now, my Mum should say I know but you're still fat!' Don't think she'd have many friends left do you?!
Haha Ill have to remember that one. I've not even started yet but I told my mum I was starting tomorrow and she threw in her tuppence. Reckons it's too extreme and it'll be to hard to keep up etc etc.

Give it a few weeks and shell be wanting to do it too once she sees my results!

Keep up the good work!
Mmm - most of the people who say it's too extreme seem not to have tried it, or even done any research on it. I know they are all very well meaning (or most are) but it is hard enough being on a diet without having to justify it to people who really would be better minding their own business.


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I get this all the time; it's either av lost enough or am going to get ill or it's unhealthy. So now I just say am on weight watchers and my knee still hurts so GP wants me to lose a bit more . Simples! Oh I refuse to tell people how much av lost.

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I get this too, and now that I've lost almost 3 stone people are telling me I've lost enough and will get too skinny - I'm still a size 18 FFS!! No one was telling me I was too skinny when I got to this size on the way up ;)
Even my skinny friends say it, I think that no-one likes you losing weight really because it makes them worry - either if they're skinny they like having a fat friend, or if they've got a bit to lose they've got no excuse not to when they see how easy it is on Exante!
You're doing great Byron, and I'm sure your kids will love having a slimmer, healthier mummy! Keep it up!
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Having a fat friend around boosts your other so called "friends" ego and makes them feel and look good, for some reason...

As soon as some people I knew started making negative comments, I cut them out straight away, delete all their contacts and ignore them.

That's why I have very few friends, but at least I don't get that crap.

Tell your friends to Foxtrot Oscar! lol


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Ah yeah, I know what you mean! Whenever I tell people I'm only having shakes, soups and bars, they're like "oh be careful" and "that's dangerous". Uh, no it's not! Grr, annoying!


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I have only told my mum, dad, hubby and two close friends one of which suggested that I was killing myself *rolls eyes* yet being obese isn't?!? Anyway this is for me and I am getting to 11 stone and I don't give a fig who doesn't like it!!!
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I don't listen to anyone who gives me grief about Exante. They don't know what the frig they are talking about. I'm the healthiest I've been in a LONG while. So screw em all.
It's always my dad, he doesn't even say anything straight to me. He gets my Mum to say I'm getting too thin. This is generally when I am still in the overweight BMI. I know he loves me - but if the people you love tell you to stop it IS hard to keep going. I'm just going to smile at him and carry on this time.

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