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Side Effects - Hair Loss? Has anyone experienced this?

S: 18st13lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 3st9lb(19.25%)
So, I was looking up side effects of Lipotrim, and all of them I think however bad they may be, still don't outweigh (excuse the pun) the benefits of losing the weight. Although... I did see one that freaked me out, which was hair loss.

One of my chemists said she only saw it once, in a woman who was on lipotrim for 4-5 months. the other chemist said she had seen it a number of times but it's not too severe.

Has anyone out there experienced this? I *really* couldn't deal with losing my hair?!
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I am currently on TFR - but I have done it before and I experienced hair loss. If it happens to you, you will notice a lot of hair on your shoulders and at the plug hole. My husband said that you would not notice but I have to say it affected me, I was aware of how much I was losing. But here I am again the desire to be thinner am doing the TFR again


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I haven't (Touch wood) Experienced this.... but i understand it grows back thicker!!! I read that somewhere!!! x


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I did tfr for 5 weeks a few years ago, my hair did thin out but it is actually a process of your hair stopping growth. If it does thin out or start falling out I wouldn't panick as when you start eating again and take a good hair specific vitamin and mineral it'll come back. You need to be patient with it though, mine took months but i did get it all back again. Panick and stress will cause it to get worse. My hair was always quiet thin anyway so it did look bad but that said, here i'm doing it again and starting week 4 this time i have no loose hair as of yet so fingers crossed.;)


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That strange but I am doing it for almost 70 days and I would say that my hair are thicker than before..


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I'm the same as you Avaya....I seem to be losing LESS hair than I usually do! Everyone's different I guess..try not to worry about it Binkyblush as I think sometimes when you convince yourself the worst will happen...it usually does!! The law of the universe!

x S
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yes, unfortunately the price to pay for wanting to be thin. apparantly your body thinks its anorexic and starts losing stuff it doesnt need. hair usually bein the first. i am going through losing loads of hair at the moment. but again, im back on it after doing 12 weeks and finishing in july. my hair will grow back and i will be thin, all at the same time. :D:D

i wouldnt worry too much hun, its not the end of the world and it doesnt happen to eveyone.

keep going and good luck



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We were talking about this the other day and Ally told me about Silica tablets that you can get that some pharmacists recommend. They are for hair and skin and may well less the chances of hair loss.
Holland and Barrett sell them and you can get 6 months worth for £12.30 at the moment as they are on buy one and get one for 1p.
I've got myself some. Nothing wrong with my hair at the moment but would rather take them than worry so much!


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hi, Just to confirm my hair did come back and i had brittle hair to begin with...now I'ii just be a thinner version of someone with brittle hair;)
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It happened to a friend of mine, she was on lipo abut 3 mts when it happened, it did freak her out but she kept going (I felt a bit guilty because it was me that introduced her to lipo :( ) But she kept going and lost 6 stone, her hair grew back and she didn't put the weight back on. She didn't lose lots, but she had a bald patch, she got her hair cut...she said it was worth it to lose the weight as nothing else ever worked.
S: 18st13lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 3st9lb(19.25%)
Oh god.. I think I could handle thinning.. if it grows back, but a bald patch?! :( My hair is long and dark so it would be really noticable. I have noticed lots of strands of hair coming out in the shower but maybe i'm just paranoid as I'm watching out for it. Although if I lose 6 stone and lose a little hair I really do think it would be worth it!! :)


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Hi I picked up those vitamins in H&B, but there's very little silica in them, it's calcium, magnesium, zinc betaine hydrochloride, boron and horsetail containing 7% silica which works out at 35mg of silica, Maybe that's enough silica or should I get a separate silica as well. All the other ingredients are great for the body anyway that's why I got them. And are they ok to take while doing tfr, or do I wait for refeed.

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