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**sigh** ... sabotage

S: 10st13lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.23%)
Ok ... So i haven`t just fallen off the waggon ... the waggon has nosedived of the side of a cliff and has crashed and burned in the valley at the bottom :rolleyes:

I had to have an operation on thursday .. so was NIL by mouth .. then when i finally could eat, i had corned beef salad (not bad i hear you say) ... followed by a large pouch of maltesers :eek:

I`ve pretty much been a chocolate monster since ... and i just can`t stop ... i got back on the waggon ... eating properly again but by teatime i`m troughing a treat sized Twirl, treat sized buttons .. cheese thins ... bourbon biscuits ... Aaaaaarghhhhh ..... it`s only been for the last 3 days but i`m soooooo cross with myself .. i know i`m doing it, and i`m writing it all down, but i just think "sod it" ... then it eat .. then feel crap afterwards :( .... Aaaaargh !!

I want to draw a line and say tomorrow is a new day ... but what if i do it again .. and again .... i don`t want to ruin the good work ive done so far, but i`m sooooo desperate for proper chocolate and snacky crap :sigh:
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Stressful time having an operation so not completely surprising that you are a bit munchy.

I want to draw a line and say tomorrow is a new day ... but what if i do it again .. and again ....
You might or you might not. At least you can try your best and see how it goes. Good luck.


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I know how you feel, been there, done that bought the t-shirt!

It is hard when your are just not in the right 'mind set'. However you have done well so far and you do not want to undo all your hard work!

Just think of your next weigh in. I try to focus on the next time I have to get on the scales and how disappointed I will be if I have not lost or sts. Also it has been hard to get every lb off so I don't want it back!

Sure you will be well on your way soon, tell yourself you have had your 'break' off plan now time to get it moving again.

Good luck x:wavey:
S: 10st13lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.23%)
Thankyou cat ..... i needed that, it can be so lonely at times when you get in that mind set, it`s so nice to hear that other people feel the same way .... and yes having to focus on weigh in has made me think about it more, as i don`t want to put on ... the last 4 weeks i`ve tried so hard to get to where i am .... i don`t want to ruin it. I haven`t got a weigh in this wednesday as i had my Operation so not being weighed, but will now try and get back on track for my weigh in next week :)

Thanks Silly sausage too ... it doesn`t help that my husband is poorly too ... my son has been ill, and one of my horses is poorly, so this last week really has been a nightmare ... i`m the one who should be being looked after but yet i`m the one looking after everyone else *sigh* ......

Well i`ve had me weetabix with me chopped banana ... and just about to have a glass of cranberry juice .... onwards and upwards eh ?


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Sometimes your body just needs a break after all the hard work you put into it :) As long as you keep trying thats the important thing because eventually you will get back on it.


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Don't beat yourself up hun - life has a funny way of throwing things at you all at once, and sometimes slimming does take a back seat.

You will get back on track, just keep on trying. I've been madly fancying loads of choc this week but I keep telling myself that I need to get my weight down as much as poss before the madness of Xmas, I would hate to gain now and then gain again over the festivities... its keeping me going for now anyhow!

Good luck and if you need to rant get on here!!! xxxx


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I've been EXACTLY the same...you feel like its just a force of nature that you just can't stop! But you can. I promise :)

I always find that if I do a bit of excercise helps me, because I hate it so much I won't want it to count for nothing, so puts me off eating unhealthily.

Nothing tastes as good as stepping on the scales and seeing a good loss. You have to keep saying that to yourself!!

Don't bet yourself up hun - we all do it, its only a major blip, you know you are in this for the long haul so one bad week isn't going to kill you. Draw a line under it, you've done amazingly well so far. You can get back on track:) good luck! xxxx

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