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Sign of the Times...

Really strange yesterday - I went shopping with my daughter and popped into Argos - when we came out - three boys were asking for 'penny for the old guy' and had the guy in a pushchair - with and old mask on - he really looked good (as far as guys go....:p ) - my daughter said 'why do they want money for that little old man - mum he's not even real' :eek:

I have to admit I'm shocked - firstly that she doesn't know about penny for the guy and Guy Fawkes etc - the only fireworks parties we've ever been to with her have been only fireworks and never bonfires (no where around here does the fire with the guy on top - just the fireworks - and even reading the paper this morning, there were pictures in there of a bonfire night party with the fire displayed on a screen instead of the real thing!

When I was growing up (not that long ago - only 37 ;) ) - there was always bonfire nights with real bonfires and fireworks - there was always competitions at school as to which class could build the best guy.

I know the Health and Safety aspects of having a big fire and fireworks - but apparently there are so many forms to fill in as well now with the council before such a thing can go ahead (and believe me I am thankful for the safety - fire and fireworks are very dangerous in the wrong hands and were there are big crowds, also when there are just two idiots like my brothers who thought it would be fun when they were younger to take a firework apart - only for it to blow up in their faces..... - have I just answered my own question.....????) - but I just feel sad that my daughter is unaware of all the fun of guy fawkes and bonfires - maybe it's just around here there are no bonfire's? I have explained to my daughter who Guy Fawkes is and about penny for the guy and we've also looked him up via google.

Well after my little rant - we're off for the fireworks at the pub!

Best wishes to all and happy bonfire night xx
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Gone fishing
I was only talking about this yesterday at work. The fun we had and the memories we can keep going back to. Besides the fun element, our children miss out on the family traditions that these occassions tend to enhance.

Family traditions, however bizarre, are important for children. It helps them create a feeling of security and identity.

I think there are so many things that have recently been dropped for health and safety reasons and I find it so sad. Okay...I know we need to protect our children, but it seems to me that we have robbed them of so much.

Things were never quite the same since they stopped doing 'bob a job week'. I used to love bob a job week :(

Aaah...those were the days :rolleyes:
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Someone was telling me that around here somewhere, some council run bonfire event is going to feature the burning of a (fake) Bengali tiger ... there IS a story behind it but I can't remember what it's about. What's THAT all about? Even the local Indian residents couldn't understand why the council are doing it when it's supposed to be an event commemorating something in British history. Oh well - the PC brigade strikes again!


Gone fishing
It beggars belief doesn't it :(

Personally, I am happy with the council having a festival to celebrate some Bengali folk tale, but on another day please!

Having said that, perhaps Guy ought to have a reprieve from now on. I vote that we bring him back and give him another go. Perhaps he could get it right this time ;)

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