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Signature space

I keep getting a message saying I cannot exceed 1500 characters including code, etc., when I try to update my signature.....
I have deleted a lot of things, and don't have as much as some do, and I even had more before this....??

Anyone know what's up with that?
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no idea at all, have to say i dont understand all this high tech stuff . Hopefully someone will come along soon who knows about these things
sil x


Striving for slimness
until today it was only letting me have 250 characters! Think maybe the more you post the more signature space they give you??? Not sure though just a guess. then again you have nearly 2000 posts so can't see them wanting much more lol
Don't know BL but it happened to me last week, same message so I ended up just getting rid of my tickers.


Gone fishing
Much of the trouble comes from using colours and different sizes of text, as each one comes with a code which will use up characters.

So for instance
Week 1: 30st 6lbs
Week 2: 9st 5lbs :clap: Goal reached

Looks like this
Week 1: 30st 6lbs
Week 2: 9st 5lbs :clap: Goal reached

But if I do

Week 1: 30st 6lbs
Week 2: 9st 5lbs :clap: Goal reached

It uses all this (remove spaces)
[ COLOR=Red]Week 1:[ /COLOR] [ COLOR=SeaGreen]30st 6lbs[ /COLOR]
[ COLOR=Red] Week 2:[ /COLOR] [ COLOR=SeaGreen]9st 5lbs :clap:[ /COLOR] [ COLOR=Blue]Goal reached[ /COLOR]
ahhh right - cheers KD, didn't realised that and the text I had/have is all in colour.

Back to basics I think!


Gone fishing
Amazing isn't it Katie.

For instance (and because I'm in need of some light relief ;), your sig as it stands is

[ I][ FONT=Georgia][ SIZE=3]Katie[ /SIZE][ /FONT][ /I]
[ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=seagreen][ B][ I]Easter Challenge 17lb loss - 3 to go![ /I][ /B][ /COLOR][ /FONT]
[ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ SIZE=4][ COLOR=purple]Total Loss 37lb - 84lb to go![ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /FONT]

[ B][ I][ U][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=blue]Goals Completed[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /U][ /I][ /B]
[ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=red][ B]Lose 5% of weight[ /B][ /COLOR][ /FONT]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=darkgreen]Get into 15's[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=purple]Lose 10% of weight[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=darkslategray]Get into 14's[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=#008080]Lose 15% of weight - 03/03/08[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]

[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=#0000ff][ I][ U]Goals[ /U][ /I][ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=indigo][ COLOR=#a0522d]Lose 3 stone[ /COLOR][ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=indigo]Get to 199lbs[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=green]Get into 13's[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=#9932cc]Lose 20% of weight[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=#2e8b57]Be 13st 7lb - lightest in about 18 yrs[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=magenta]Lose 4 stone[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
[ B][ FONT=Georgia][ COLOR=darkred]Get into the 12's and faint![ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /B]
LOL - don't look quite the same like that! I can now clearly see why the 1500 limit was exceeded --- think it will be tickers and black text from now on!
Cheers for the help you gave KD - I'm all sorted now :D

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