Silly Question About Group


Hi, I'm new to this forum and coming back to SW after too many years of trying other plans that didn't work!

I have a question about group and can't find the answer on the SW website. My question is, can you pay by cheque or credit card, or do the consultants only accept cash? I'd like to pay for a 6 or 12 week block to motivate myself, but don't like the idea of carrying lots of cash around. Also, knowing me, I'll probably get carried away and buy lots of recipe books etc..... *guilty smiley*

Loving this forum, by the way. I can't get to a group until the end of Feb due to work committments, but have got enough ideas from here to understand how EE works with the superfree foods etc.
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i dont know the answer to card thing, think its just cash tho im affraid


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Hey, I believe it depends on the consultant but the ones know of accept cheques but not cards x


Thanks for the answers. I'm not so bothered about using cards, but cheques would beeasier than having to withdraw lots of cash.


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I'm pretty sure most accept cheques for countdowns. Mine definitely does x


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Yes we accept cheques at our group but no cards .... not sure if this varies from consultant to consultant x


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Mine accepts chequesx


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I paid for countdowns by cheque. Don't think the consultant can take cards though - haven't seen any machines.



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I do the cash desk at my class and we take cheques for countdowns but not cards.

I'm not sure if all consultants do though. Maybe you could take your cheque book along and if they dont take cheques pay for 1 week and then but your countdown the following week.