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Silly things we do on weigh in day??!!!

Just thinking about my weigh in day tomorrow and I know I have had a bad week, well weekend, been good this week but I doubt it will make up for it!!

What things do you do on weigh in day to help boost your loss??

I hardly eat anything, and nothing heavy.
Always wear linen and never denim!
Take off my watch and jewelry
Go to the loo before I go!!!

I know all of which probably make no difference but make me feel better!!

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I definitely hold my pee and go *right* before weigh in! I also wear the same clothes as the week before - even if it means freezing one week! hahaha

I get weighed in the evening so try not to eat or drink much, if anything, after 3pm! Oh, and I always try to have a red day the day before weigh in, if not 2 days before weigh in.


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I wear the same clothes - and they are the lightest in my wardrobe. I dont eat anything after lunctime and I always make sure that I have a wee before !!.


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Yep same here. I wear the same every week and I know it is the lightest clothes I have. I don't eat or drink after 12, 1pm at the latest (5.30pm WI), I go to the toilet lots and ALWAYS right before I go.


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I don't eat anything after lunch (my weigh in's 7pm, wish it was earlier!) and wear my lightest clothes. I don't drink water after 5.30 and make sure I wee before I go! Then afterwards I'm starving but it's all worth it.


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Same jeans and a similar strappy top each week worn with trainers. Light accessories. Thin hair bobble... never a scrunchy!!!
Light breakfast of porridge and banana if early 10 WI or packed lunch at work then nothing except green tea til 6 if late WI. Make sure I go to toilet for a wee before I get on the scales.Then buy a set of HIfi bars and eat one IMMEDIATELY after the scales have registered!
you know what i dont do any of those things, i have my tea and everything before i g and i even wear jeans lol
you know what i dont do any of those things, i have my tea and everything before i g and i even wear jeans lol
I'm the same as you, eat as normal all day, including a full tea, like spag bol, never wee 1st and where whatever i have on.....:eek: so far not had any problems, my freind that does it, doesn't't eat at all on the day of her weigh in until after it's been done....


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What ever you do, as long as the routine is the same each week it makes no difference really. If you are in the routine of not eating before WI then it is only likely to make a difference if you suddenly eat a big meal beforehand

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