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ProPoints SIMPLY FILLING DIARY ... So close to goal ......

Hello, basically i need your help ... im strugglin to eat my points so that wen it gets to 10pm i have like 8points left .... i feel fat all the time coz of how much i eat .... so heres my diary for Thursday ...

Breakfast -

Milk allowance for brews for the day(3)
1 crustless bread& Marmite (1)
Special k cereal bar (2) = 6

Dinner -
150g Pasta (4)
small tin of tuna (56g) (2)
Salad (0)
Apple (0) = 6

Tea -
Pork tenderloin (6)
100g new potatoes (2)
Gravy (1)
Veg (0) = 9

Points left - 8

Crunchie (full size) (5)
options hot choc (1)
Quavers (2) = 29

Can anyone see any mistakes in my diary? xxxxxxx
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Hi *Claire-Bear*, Welcome to the forum altho' I see that you have been on here for a wee while now.
I am not actually doing the ProPoints WW but my daughter (Irishlady) is so once you have 50 posts you can visit her diary on the "Members Only" slot. She is very good at the pp calculations but I am sure you will find some great help on here anyway.

All the best to you ... :)
Hey, yeah ive been sussing it all out, hehe .. been on ww for 2 weeks now so just about gettin the hang of things .. thanks for your advice i will have a look ;):cool: xxxxx
Friday 29th April

Milk allowance for brews (3pp)
1sausage & 2 crustless bread (4pp)
= 7pp

ww veg soup (2pp)
Melon&apple (0)
Quavers (2pp)
= 4pp

Wholemeal bread roll (5pp)
Chicken sandwich meat (2pp)
Light babybel (1pp)
Salad (0)
Skinny cow mint choc ice lolly (2pp)
= 10pp

.. 8pp left to eat so choco it is :cool: ..
Saturday 30th
Got up at midday so brekie is dinner really ....

Milk allowance for brews (4pp)

Choc reddybrek with water (3pp)
Banana (0)
1 crustless bread & marmite (1pp) = 8pp

Frenchfries crisps (2pp) = 10pp

3 low fat sausages (6pp)
1 potato waffle (3pp)
Gravy (1pp)
Carrots n greenbeans (0) = 10pp

... & still 9pp left .... oh my, im strugglin with these points .... does anyone think itll hinder my weight loss using my left over points on choco n crisps all the time? xxxxx


oh my, im strugglin with these points .... does anyone think itll hinder my weight loss using my left over points on choco n crisps all the time? xxxxx
It's better to use them then lose them!!! xx


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I use mine everyday and most if my weeklies every wk, and I have to have chocolate every day or I feel like I'm deprived lol
Cheeers ladies, that was the exact answer i was looking for :thankyou: ... chocolate here i come ....... Mmmmmm :rolleyes: xxxxx
Sunday 1st May

Milk allowance for the day (4pp)


1 egg (2pp)
3 crustless bread (3pp)
Banana (o)


ww tomato soup (2pp)
Quavers (2pp)
Apple (0)

... 16 pp left & im havin chinese for tea ... Cannot wait .... Mmmmmmm ...

xx xx xx
You can get crustless bread by kingsmill its 1pp a slice .... however, i read on here that it was 1pp for 1, 2pp for 2 .. and i have just rechecked it myself and it doesnt add up to the same ... grrrr, ile have to stop trusting everything written and find it out for myself ..... thanks for bringing it up, or i would have happily carried on pointing at 1pp per slice ... so, its 4pp for 3 slices, god and its not even the nicest bread .... :sigh: :sigh: oh well xxxxx
and to add to that, its 3pp for 2 slices too .... goddddd, im such a loser, lol :eek: xxx


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That's ok lol bread was the 1st thing I checked cuz it's one of my staples, that's still low in points though, it's the same as ww bread il have to get some tomorrow. Ww bread is horrible
Oh god yeah, its awful! the stuff i use is lovely for toast, still light n fluffy ,it doesnt taste of cardboard :cool: .... xxxxx
Monday 2nd

Milk allowance 4pp

1egg (2)
3 crackers (3)
Ham (1) = 6pp

Tuna (3)
Salad (0) = 3pp

Pork 220g (6)
Amoy Noodles 75g (3)
Stir fry veggies (0) = 9pp

22pp altogether, thinkin maybe a cornetto (5) later or a cadburys flake (4) ... yuuummmm

I'm a newbie like you - and I don't know how you are managing on so little food during the day. I don't have anything left in the evening but I eat a lot more food in the day. I have 2 weetabix for breakfast, then chicken salad for lunch (maybe with 2 oatcakes) and then a main meal in the evening. I eat fruit for snacks. I'm can manage without chocolate and my main problem is portion sizes. Are you feeling hungry on the amount that you are eating, or feeling fine? I suppose that might tell you if you should be eating a bit more during the day. Good to know that if you want to use so many points on chocolate then you can.
Good luck!
Hey, strangely enough before i started this diet, i was eating a lot less than i do now (breakfast - 1toast, dinner, soup n a yogurt, tea crackers n cheese ... then crisps in the evening) so i assume my body is use to it? i dunno, maybe my metabolism will start to kick in as i go along .... i never snack between meals because of my diabetes, just be taught never to by my nurse .. usually im at work so its impossible to do so anyway(im a nurse) ..... ive often wondered myself if i was eating too little ... as i always have like 8points left in the evening ..... thanks for bringing it up tho, how you finding the diet? im in love with food finally because of this diet .. i have struggled for so many years with eating disorders that ive often not allowed myself certain foods, but now i eat potatoes, pasta and chocolate ...... its great xxxxxxxx
You could try normal foods if you really want to use all your points, I don't tend to use 'low fat' things as such, I use my extra weekly points for treats. The problem with me is once I eat a little bit of chocolate that's all I have on my mind and before I know it I'm raiding the cupboard without realising and eating it all!! :rolleyes:
Also about the bread, even though it says 3pp for one slice of normal bread in the guide, the asda's own bread that I use (nice for toast :cool:) is 2pp each slice and doesn't go up as you use more so 2 slices is actually 4pp, i've now learnt to check everything with my points wheel because sometimes it's less :)
Ohhh cheers for that, is that Asda normal sized medium bread? Ive been lookin for some better bread than what i got now ... xxxx
Wednesday 4th

Milk allowance (4pp)

2toast & philadelphia (4pp)

Soup (4pp)
Yogurt (2pp)
Quavers (2pp)
Banana (0) = 16pp

Gammon on toast (7pp) = 23pp

6pp left so prob have a yogurt (2pp) Crisps (2pp) and a hot choc .... Mmmm

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