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sinc starting ww do you ever think....?

Yeah all the time!! I tree to get the cheese savoury sandwiches from greggs and theyre on there for about 18 points I think it was! For a tiny little sandwich! I also used to get crispy duck and pancakes from the chinese which Are about 9 per pancake! I used to have 5 of them plus spring rolls, a main and a soup! About 60 points in one meal! I dont even miss it all really now I know awful for me it all was. Only thing I really miss is haribo jellies and cheese cake!!x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
. Only thing I really miss is haribo jellies and cheese cake!!x
omg these are my two favourite sweet things too. i have a good cheese cake recipe which works out at 12pts for the entire cheesecake so only 3pts per 1/4 :)


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Its really scary when you realise how many points I used to eat pre ww and although I did eat healthy meals (sometimes) a lot was on rubbish. Not suprising I ended up as big as this, but no more. Everything in moderation from now on - I think I finally get the moderation thing, its taken me long enough


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
having said that do you ever think WW isn't something you can carry on for life etc because yes you "can eat whatever you want" but somethings simply dont fit in your points allowance.... :( thus it being not feasible to maintain.

Cheesecake recipe:

8 reduced fat rich tea crushed.5.5pts
200g extra light philly 5pts
lemon/lime sugar free jelly or blackcurrent works well. 0pts
if doing lemon/lime add the juice of lemon/lime if doing blackcurrent add a splash of sugar free blackcurrent cordial. 0pts

25g lighter than light flora. 1.5pts

gently melt the flora .... i mean gently..... and mix with crushed biccies and press into a tin make jelly sachet as per pack instructions and wizz in the cream cheese and cordial/juice using blender/food processor pour over base and leave to set :)
I pointed some of my previous diets food days, and came to an average of 40 points a day...

Then I pointed one of my "off the rails binge days".... and it was 96 points...

Explains the size of my butt now... :p


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah i've done that too. how ever my biggest binge day has been 55 pts so far
Cheers for the recipe chick! Sounds good, I have all those ingredients in so I may have a little go of that tomoro and take it with me to the in laws for easter lunch. I usually end up with a muller lite whilst theyre all munching on gorgeous sticky toffee pudding! So that Way ill have a decent pud of my own! Yay.xxx:)
I know what you mean about doing this forever though cos altho you can eat most things you have to really think about the points etc. We have just got a wedding invite with the menu to choose from and every option is at least 20points just for the main meal and about 10 per starter. So things like that are never going to fit into the plan. Maybe just do it most of the time once at goal(which you are clever girl!) and have a break at weekends or special occasions.xxx


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Yeah some of the things are quite shocking - thing is I knew that at the time but still ate it! You have to get to the point where you want to change and so something about it. Portion size was always my problem too.

I think once you get to your target, it's just all about moderation - once you are at a happier weight for you, then putting on a few lbs it will be much easier to then only have those few lbs to get rid of again after a holiday/special occasion etc! That's my thinking anyway?? xx


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god i could have easily eaten 70 points on a bad day before!! i could never just be happy with a normal size bar of choc, i would have bought the large one and eaten it all!!(after chinese takeaway!!) all washed down by a ltr of full fat coke!!

its so so easy to slip back into old ways though, ive lost 3.5 st on WW before and then put most of it back on again when pg :-(


plodding away
When I get to goal :p I know I will have to keep this up for life. I will always have to keep an eye on my weight cos can put on weight rapidly. But I dont intend for it to rule my life.

Moderation is going to be my mantra. If I have a more relaxed meal or day or holiday its not going to turn into a new way of living. I am not going through this again. :D


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It was shocking now looking back at what i ate, i didnt really eat much as such but it was what i ate..
I love greggs sausage rolls. i could quite easily tuck 2 away at a time followed by a tottenham cake.. then of course dinner that night! woah!
I now know that I really used to eat an incredible amount and it's no surprise I was so fat, I probably did have a binge disorder/emotional overeating, especially since I put on the weight so quickly. I was easily going over 100 points mainly due to all the snacks and when it came to Fridays...they were just a disaster.


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I'm too scared to even begin to point a bad day but on many occasions included maccy d's (big mac meal, nuggets and double cheeseburger) for lunch then a chinese in the evening plus about 4 litres of coke oh and crisps and chocolate. No wonder i am the size i am and why i'm find it so hard to stay on track. I really wish doctors/nhs worked as hard on weight loss as they do on smoking/drinking, because i no more people who want to lose weight then want to give up fags!


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