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Singapore !!

hey szoes! yep splash is right, i'm from singapore as well! and you're totally right there's isnt much support for CD dieters here. the only thing we have are the CD satchets themselves. no CDC, no nothing. but we could be cd buddies if u want?
hey muffin top..

lol i get that alot.. sadly for us asians are built smaller and our healthy bmi range is way lower than you guys.. it's actually 18-20something but 17.7's really near! lol..
Hi Royal Purple

I am right at the other end on Sentosa

I started CD in Uk so am finding it hard to work out the way they sell it here !

I am on week 9 with about 200000000000000 weeks to go if I Keep picking !!!

Just curious ... if you don't have CDC's how do you buy it??? Well you just call a number they take the order and it is on the door step the next day !! I have complained but don't want to moan to much as they may stop selling it here !!!

And I wonder if I can come over and be a CDC over there!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can stop me picking and make me lose the next 3 stone you are more than welcome !!!
szoes are u here for a holiday or u livin here? if u're living here, OMG its so cool ure livin on sentosa it's bout the best place id wanna be!

and guess what, i'm so into picking as well! can't stop picking and picking. just took my weight and realized that i lost nothing this week!, can't really blame anyone cos i've been really naughty this week :(

it's really hard when we dun have actual CDCs and even though minimins' a fantastic motivating place, it still gets really tough when there's no REAL person to go to and everything. :(
G: 12st0lb
Oh you guys in Singapore , it must be so hard for you becuase the food is really really amazing in Singapore, and its everywhere! Singaporeans really take food seriously, and you have so muchg choice as well. I was there for a few days as a stopover on both legs of my return trip to Austrailia last year and we loved it , but especially the gorgeous food courts , we just used to walk round for hours grazing from all the stalls , I really feeel for you having to give up all that!

hats off to you girls, but then you do have lots of fab shopping mall sto take your mind off food when temptation strikes! LOL

Yes I live in Sentosa here for another year.

Heven can wait =Yes the food is too good,and most night out include food, so not much help to me !!!

My main aim is to go home to visit at Xmas 4 stone lighter than when they last saw me.So I must keep going !!!
Royal Purple = I have done 8 Wks but in that time took two weeks off as we had family here

I was SSing before they arrived but now I just cant get back to it ,need to give up the last few little bits of food

I also need to get my ticker on here !!! any help on that ??/

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