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sinking feeling that todays the day i quit :o(

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by ticktock, 1 May 2012 Social URL.

  1. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    So, am on day 13 100%...i lost 7lb by day 4 and 2lb in the last 9days, felt so disheaterned yesterday I really was sooo close to quitting and sharing hubbys pizza but didnt, thought surely I will get a 'woosh' of weightloss by morning and still only 2lb!...the scales hover on 13.4 before they drop to 13.3 so more like 1 1/2lb loss if honest. Feel so fed up, every day is a struggle, with 2 young kids and hubby I am constantly cooking and they are constantly snacking!, feel deprived and think for less than 2lb in 9 days I could do that quite easily on sw/ww and still go out for dinner and eat a lot! After 9 days I can see that a whoosh of weight loss just isnt going to happen for me, maybe this diet doesnt work for everyone..... what would you do??
    I have seen a few profiles where ppl have lost 2lb in 2nd and 3rd wk and still carried on, I just couldnt do it tho! feel like whats the point when healthy eating can achieve that...sorry for negative post but so fed up and have zero support at home xx
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  3. Rissole76

    Rissole76 Full Member

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I think much the same, luckily for me I got a 4.4lb loss this week, so it keeps me motivated. Are you going to the toilet for number 2? I find with this program I get a bit clogged up for a couple of day and then whoosh! Sorry if too much information, but ykwim!! I have bought some bran to try and make me more regular on this plan to get steady weigh ins. All I can suggest is at least stick it out till the 14 days,, thats two full weeks,, my scales werent moving in the second week until my official day 15 weigh in and then I was pleasantly suprised! Also what made you come to S&S, you see I had tried WW and SW etc but although you can eat more and lose, I need to see results to keep me motivated, and when they werent coming Id quit, and be back to square one!! I know it hard, I have a hubby and two little ones who had pizza and chips for dinner last night too, but I smelt it (sad I know) and thought to myself, if I can just stick at this till I lose three stone, then I can have normal meals with the hubby and kids, within reason and be lovely and slim... BUT then I realised that I have lost a stone on this already and I no longer need to lose three stone, three stone is the magic phrase I have been saying to myself for about the last seven years!! I now only need to lose 2 stone!! Can you belive it?! In only 14 days I can say that!! Thats why you need to stick at it, no matter what and you will be so happy that you do!! Just give it the full two weeks then re-evaluate, you deserve that!
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  4. astraea

    astraea Full Member

    I know exactly how you are feeling! I have just weighed in on day14 and I have only lost 2lb, I lost 9lb last week!! I am pretty gutted, but I am going to stick with it. Surely with the amount of calories eaten it HAS to come off at some point?

    I did have some juice with citric acid in it and also. I was originally having 3 meals and protein but I think the amount of protein was sneaking up! So I have gone onto 4 meals and veg, and I have ordered some drink stuff from s&s to see if that helps, don't give up. We can get through this crap week together!
  5. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Thanks for replys, yes rissole number 2s pretty much normal lol, sticking to it 100%, no little cheats, plenty of water..doing everything right but nothings happening! was going to hide scales but now am obsessed i need to know every day! cant understand how my body can possibly be same weight for so long when eating less than 600cals with 4 stone to lose! am so fed up, kids at school and hubby at work so will be having pack shortly and another for lunch and see how I feel later, would love to stick to it today and tomorrow, then done 2full wks but think it will still be 2lb Thursday morning, how nice it would be to eat a proper meal instead tonight! I started this instead of sw cos i wanted to lose quickly no other reason, i told myself as soon as it slowed up after cpl of stone i would switch to sw to lose the rest slowly, speed is the one and only reason i am doing s&s, I cant lose 2lb this wk and then 2lb next wk and keep waiting for a whoosh, just cant! Well done for losing so much Rissole and for being so positive too, maybe it will rub off on me, i hope so! x

    Thanks Astrea, ur doing well to stick to it, I am so impatient its all or nothing with me! will be back on later to let you know if i quit (most likely) or managed to stick at it (miracle)!! x
  6. i have double the amount to lose than you and i 'only' lost 2 pounds on my 3rd week....now i could of used it as an excuse to binge and spiral out of control..but i thought it is physically impossible for me not to be losing i dont care what the scales say, its lack of number twos, water retention , hormones or my muscles retaining from my treadmill activities... but the fat has gone as i look much smaller than 2 pounds would suggest. I only weigh once a week now but if they keep messing me about i will go to once a month i wont let them rule me...it is impossible for a 17 stone woman to eat 600 calories a day and not loose a decent amount aweek..so scales can kiss my butt....try and take the same attitude they arent your boss and they do lie!
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  7. astraea

    astraea Full Member

    Tyrion, OMG that is one of the best things i have read for ages. I tottally agree and this is what i am going to hold on to when the scales are upsetting me! i only lost 2lb on my 2nd week today according to the scales but people have commented on me losing weight this week and i can certainly feel a difference so i am going to try really hard not to look too much at the number, i have thought the same thing, surely weighing 15st 4lb and eatiing 600 calories a day, i HAVE to lose the weight!!!
  8. munchbunch

    munchbunch Gold Member

    Have you taken measurements doesn't always show on the scales but inches may be less too :)
  9. Nomsad

    Nomsad Full Member

    I managed 10 days but just couldn't carry on with it, not because of it being hard but mainly because it costs so much to do, I mean I didn't eat lots of takeaways etc before so my food bill was fairly low anyway decided to devise my own plan instead as I looked all day for another diet to do..... atkins dukan etc all saying no carbs, carbs are the devil etc but the carb part of the meal is the cheapest part! I don't especially like eating tons of meat.... so devised my own plan :) after all vlcd packs are low carb meals essentially with vitamins produced to keep the calorie content as low as possible and reasonally palatable.... I decided that I would do around 1000cals a day, porridge oats, 35g with 150ml milk 1 tsp truvia 178cals, 1 slice wholemeal bread sml pot baked beans 260cals, 1 microwaved baked potato with steak casserole 381calories, will have some more porridge tonight later before I go bed which takes it up to about 1000cals, also been drinking camomile tea and 1 multivit a day :) good luck all as will be posting in a different part of the forum now. word of wisdom dont just quit this diet, if you binge you will gain back half of what you have lost :(
  10. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Thanks for the advise girls, does put it into perspective..am getting all demotivated cos scales havent told me what I want to hear! silly really, sure u are right and it will come off in the end if i stick to it. Have stuck to it so far today and decided am going to try my best to stick to it this evening too, if I do I will definately stay on it tomorrow as thats the last day b4 wk2 weigh in!. Assuming i do ok tonight i WONT weigh tomorrow!!!!!, will wait till Thurs, never know i might get lucky and get a whoosh of weightloss tomorrow, if I dont and its still 2lb will have to see how i feel then about carrying on x
  11. Rissole76

    Rissole76 Full Member

    Good for you!! Be strong, you can do it, it's only 2 more days!!
  12. PrettyPaula

    PrettyPaula Amusing Title.

    Ok, so there are a MIRIAD of reasons why the losses are slower in week 2.

    The initial weight loss is water and glycogen from your liver. fact.

    it CAN take upto 3 weeks for ketosis to properly kick in and your body to get really efficient at burning fat from stores for energy, your body fights the switch like crazy, your brain and body have gotten lazy, converting fat to ketones for energy is harder work (it reduces the cals per gram of fat from 9 to 7 in the process to give you an idea) and your brain fights this switch the most.
    during this time its also fighting an overwhelming prehistoric urge to hold onto these fat stores during this "famine". its our evolutionary response that we are trying to beat, no small feat!

    that being said, you also need to remember that as we burn these fat stores, the fat cells refill with water before shrinking (they never dissapear, just shrink and become dormant) during this time your weight wont change until the water is released.

    also, FYI no-one will be gaining muscle mass whilst on a VLCD, its impossible as building muscle mass is the last thing your body will do when on a restricted intake.

    theres some sciency bits for you x
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  13. weelena1

    weelena1 Member

    Defiantly take ur measurements, I find on low loss weeks that I loss inches xx
  14. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    hmmm interesting stuff Paula! shame ur body cant tell you when it plans to stop fighting and release fat cells water! Well i stuck to it last night! so no option but to stick to it today..who quits on the last day of wk 2? fingers crossed scales tell me 3lb tomorrow if its till 2lb then oh well the fight continues...am ordering another wks worth today.

    Thankyou to everyone for your support and advice I really appreciate it xx
  15. munchbunch

    munchbunch Gold Member

    Well done for sticking at it ticktock

    I hope you get the loss you want tomorrow !!
  16. yay glad your still here and going strong....good job on ordering the next weeks supply ....you can do it (doing a very bad Rob Schneider impression and if you arent a movie nerd like me i apologise )
  17. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Thanks munchbunch :eek:) and lol Tyrion I'm a bit of a movie buff too and yeah i can do it!!!
  18. Rissole76

    Rissole76 Full Member

    Really glad your still here!! Fingers crossed for a decent loss tommorow!!
  19. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Thankyou rissole, will let you know tomorrow :eek:) xx
  20. good luck we are all rooting for you ..
  21. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    I can relate and do understand how you feel. I've had quite small losses so far. I only lost 12lb in my first 4 weeks. With how much I needed to lose when I first started (at least 5 stone) I did expect a little better in my first month. Another member on the forum was pretty much the exact same weight as me when we started, they lost 14lb in their first week where as it took me 4-5 weeks to lose that! lol.

    I have lost inches, but most, if not all of those inches were lost in the first 3 weeks. It seems that for the past 3 weeks (I will have completed week 6 this Saturday) I haven't lost anymore :(. So when some people have said to me that if the scales aren't moving or not as fast, check your measurements... it's not really helping me personally!

    I am going to be honest, I am getting frustrated but trying hard not to give up and doing well with that so far.

    I hope you see a good loss tomorrow x
    Last edited: 3 May 2012

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