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Sixteen Weeks- in need of an xmas gift

G: 9st3lb
Its 16 weeks today...(well its actually saturday morning in theory but my friday night) until the 1st day of 2010 and i do not want to be sitting here, feeling how i currently do going into the new year.

I need to stop making excuses EVERY single day as to why ill start cambridge again tomorrow, i need to stop stuffing my face like foods going out of fashion "as im starting tomorrow of course so i need to make the most of eating" and i need to stop convincing myself that ill do something about it when the time is right.

The time is right when i make it right. If i can just get through one day, i think ill be on the right track, then a week, then a month and so on. I weighed myself today, and i have 3 stone to lose, to get to my target weight. Therefore, if i am dedicated, in theory, i should easily be able to lose it by christmas.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to do this. Im a shadow of my normal self. Dont get me wrong, to my friends im outgoing and bubbly, and they love that i love food as much as then. But deep down im wracked with insecurities and bitterness about my body image. Im 23, i should be out having fun, loving my life and body, not dressing to cover it and avoiding seeing people who used to know me thin AT ALL COSTS.

Sorry, im going off on a tangent now look at me. Its like a diary here.Yes back to point....long story short! I am going to try and get back on the diet, not sure about tomorrow as i need to see my cdc for packs whose lovely and understanding so maybe sunday and i need to take it one day at a time.

If there is anyone who fancies joining me, or has any words of advice for a returner, or just anyone that emphathises with my madness id be keen to hear from you!

Love Daisy xxx
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aw Daisy, dont feel sad about where your at right now. you have identified what your doing and that is the first step to moving forward.
you have to print this out and put it in your handbag so that every time you feel like eating, you can look at this as a reminder of why your doing CD!
Also, might be worth joining a couple of challenges...i think there are some short and long term ones going on at the moment on here somewhere.
it sounds like you have a fabulous CDC hun so lean on here at the start for help....but remember this is just the start and there are so many possibilities!
good luck with the start of your journey hun and its a super decision youve made to start CD! i love it!
Hey sweetie, I can totally empathise with what you have said. I'm 25 and have wasted most of what should have been the best years of my life overweight and horribly self concious and have missed out on so many opportunities. On the 1st of January 2008, I was sat in my parents living room alone and sobbing, I was a totally broken person and I didn't know where to start to make things better. I was a size 30, had near to no friends and had just broken up with a man who I thought was the love of my life and I just didn't know what to do! I started Cambridge in March 2008 and on Jan 1st 2009 I was 9 stones lighter!! I'd only done Cambridge for 6 months out of that year too! Now I'm living in London, I have made some truly special friends here and having restarted Cambridge I'm 10 and a half stones lighter and although I'm not finished, it feels great. If I could have told myself on that New Years Eve that this is where I would be, I wouldn't have believed it.

You can do this hun, you know Cambridge works and as you rightly said you could have it finished by Christmas. You can go out and look and feel a million dollars and that truly does beat anthing you can eat. Do it as you have described, take it day by day. I have a calender on the wall and for each day I complete I stick a star on that day. Sounds very pre-school but you soon see the stars building up and you don't want a gap in there lol just an idea that might help to visually show you how well you are doing?

Sorry for the long post but when I read what you wrote it felt like it could have been me writing it. If you need any support feel free to pm me x
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Hi Just wanted to say that I felt like you. I'm 26 and feel I have been missing out on a life up to this point. I moved to a new city to be with the man I am going to marry but I know no one and have no friends. Back to the point I started CD 3 weeks ago and it is the best decision I have ever made. I am amazed at how much better I can feel after just 3 weeks it really is amazing.

Blondee, just wanted to say your story is such an inspiration it show me the life I can and will have with the help of CD.


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Blondee that is a HUGE amount to lose...and I have around the same to go so it's great to hear that it's achieveable!
G: 9st3lb
Thank you for your posts. Its so illogical, yet so easy to think you are the only person who has self loathing and disappointment in yourself for something that from the outside seems so trivial.

Liz..WOW. To lose all that weight and be a size ten is incredible, You must feel like a million dollars. Blondie, as said above that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Thats basically a person! Soooo well done. I think that anyone that can manage the diet for a day, week, month also deserves a medal....its really hard, albeit worthwhile! Everyones doing so well big boots to fill.

Caroline, relocating is really difficult...i have friends but i am being the worst friend in the world in that they are all slim and i avoid seeing them because i feel so fat, and i know they always comment on it. As i do go up in down in weight....i feel such a bad person saying that and i know eventually they will give up on me altogether. Yet anoother reason i need to get my head down and do it.

I did it before, lost nearly 3 stone. So i know it can be done, just need to get in the zone.....xxx


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Hi daisy duke

I too hope to reach my goal around Christmas. Perhaps I won't be at goal, but certainly hoping to be looking a lot trimmer and looking better for seasonal events and parties.
Fortunately I was slim for most of my 20's, although I did diet down from 12:5 to 9:5 when I was 26. The weight had gone on quite quickly - I do believe that this was the era when it was easy to get slimming tablets from private clinics - a very bad way to lose weight.

Keep us posted about your losses. Good Luck, you can be the belle of the ball for Christmas/New Year!
G: 9st3lb
Its 14 weeks till xmas, wow ive got less time than i thought! 14 weeks to the day till my bday!
Im about to sit and work out my mini goals lol.


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Daisy Duke I know how you feel, I'm 24 and for the past few years I have said I'm gonna loose weight etc no-one knew how sad I was about being big like you I'm bubbly and joke about my weight but it does hurt and can be hard when your gorgeous size 10 friends look fab and you feel crap, I have a boyfriend who loves me but I just want to look stunning and really get him being proud I'm his girlfriend (hes not the reason I'm loosing weight) I want to wear fashionable clothes as its my passion dressing up etc, I would love to do burlesque classes when I'm more confident to be in my undies, we can do this I have nearly lost 2 stone on my first month and this has motivated me sooooo much lets get doing this while we are young and beautiful.
Blondee i think your story is so inspirational I'm excited to see what I'll be like this time next year now x x x

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