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Total Solution Size 10 by teatime! Trish's Exante Diary

Gorgeous Monday morning and yes its time to start a new diet! Have done a VLCD before and lost 3st but thinking I knew it all started eating normally, and when I say normally,I mean Trish Normal so here I am again, determined this time to finally get back into the size 14 trousers I got into last time that are now hanging on my wardrobe door...only this time I have 97lbs to lose!! Sooooooooooo here goes Day 1 ,am starting the day with a cup of Fennel tea supposed to be good for hunger pangs,have loads lined up to do and have an appt for a mammogram at lunchtime so that should take my mind of food for a few hours!! Have weighed,measured and photoed soooooo will see you later to report on how today goes!
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Good luck

You know the drill - head into the wind for a few days then plain sailing



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Size 10 by teatime! Love it! lol :)

Good luck with your first day :)



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I'm hoping to start next Monday. Good luck!! xx
Day 1 so far !!

so far everything going ok.....have managed 2ltrs water ,3 big cups of Fennel Tea ,had a vanilla shake and a bar and have kept very busy!! 2 loads of washing on the line and a very clean house !!


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Hi Trish, I have a similar story to yours & have done this before. I too went back to "normal" eating & juast didnt bother to refeed, hence I'm back here. I hope your first few days pass by easily & you get into that lovely felling of ketosis soon! Good luck on your journey x
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Its definately a good day for us girls on day one :)

Lets do it togetherx
Lovely peeps ...thank you xx
Well Day 1 is nearly over and apart from a massive headache,it was ok ,there was a dodgy moment when I really wanted something to eat,but luckily the phone rang and the moment passed.......all in all feeling quite chuffed with myself. Got the water down,had a shake for breakfast,bar for lunch and soup for tea , the last VLCD I did allowed 4 shakes so only having 3 will take a bit of getting used to ..........roll on Day 2!!!


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You could always split one of your shakes/soups so that you are having 4 a day if it would make things easier for you.
Day 2 begins

Another gorgeous sunny frosty morning and here we are at the beginning of Day2 with a very rumbly tummy!! Was in bed by 9.30 last night and asleep at 10pm ...unheard of for me as I rarely go to bed before 11pm, but bed and a book were a lot better than the biscuit barrel !! Think I need to start some exercise, perhaps it is time to dust of the treadmill...used to have quite a physical job but now I work from home and spend great chunks of the day in front of a computer and not far from the kitchen so a completely new mindset is needed................am feeling very positive,because I know it works,I have done it before, just have to work out how to be a thin person ,if that makes sense, the only time in my life that I have been thinner was the last time I did a VLCD, was a chunky baby and now I am just chunky lol lol lol lol


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Good luck for today trish, I'm feeling very positive today & actually not hungry at all yet. Think your gonna do fab hun!


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Good luck on your day 2 trish51 and well done on day one...

I feeling very positive too since starting and that can only be a good thing...

Have a lovely day Hun x
All going swimmingly well so far today, have had a shake and a bar and managed 2 and a half litres of water ,which has been easier to get down now I have found some water flavourings from W8 days!!


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Size 10 by teatime!
Love the title of your Diary Trish!

Good to hear it is going so well for you...I hope I get on as good when I start tomorrow:fingerscrossed:

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