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Size 12 weight?


I will do this!!!
Hey i cant remember if iv already posted a thread asking this so if i have sorry :(

I want to get to a size 12, apparently i have a small frame as my wrists are thin and im 5'6" so what weight roughly will i be at a size 12. I know noone knows untill it happens but has anyone got any guesses?!?!
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Im almost as tall as you and started around 16 stone.. on my sneaky weigh i was 14 stone 4 and am sort of coming into size 16-18, I asked the same question! i think it was 1 stone per month at roughly a size per stone.. i think we could be 12-14 by christmas time hopefully :D:D
S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
im 5ft 7.5.. so that might make a tiny bit of difference, but either way i think... 3-4 dress sizes.. what size u at now ? ?
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i read it was about 1half -2stone you go down a dress size. i was asking same question and got told this hun xx


I will do this!!!
My goal is not a weight as suck but to be able to get into size 12 clothes. I estimated that id be a size 12 in jan but what i really want is to get close enough to my goal at christmas so i can just eat healthly after and lose the last little bit that way coz i think ill struggle going back on after eating a christmas dinner!!!


I will do this!!!
I started at 17st 9lbs = size 24
im now 15st 12lbs and 20 on top and 22/nearly 20 on bottom
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If size 12 is ur ultimate goal (mine is too) i reckon about christmas time is a good place to aim for... you should be close by then


I will do this!!!
god i hope so!!! then maybe santa will bring me some nice new size 12 clothes


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Well im 5'3 and 67kg approx now and a size 12... hope that helps! :D


I will do this!!!


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Hey Pizzle if you look at my thread wot I just bumped called 'Does anyone remember...' there are a few articles I dug up from my travels with pics of women showing different weights and heights, I also had another one but I can't find it....
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when i started this diet i was talking to a friend and we are same height she was 6lb lighter then me but i was a 16 and she is a 18-20 i was so shocked and made me realise everyone is different.


I will do this!!!
thanks for that liberty.

I think ill just keep going and see where i am when i start to refeed for christmas.

Thanks all of you
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we keep our fingers crossed you get to ya 12 for xmas hun. sure you will do it and if you do you be very very close to it. xx


I will do this!!!
fingers crossed :)
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I am 5.8 . I am just under 16stone and getting into 20's loosely. I think at 12 stone I am about a size 14(tight) and 16(loose) but its been a while. I think when I was still growing and about 5.7, I was a size 10 when 10 stone 7.

But 12 stone by Christmas would be absolutely fab!
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Pizzle, I wish I could help you but all this size stuff does my head in! I'm 5'5" and currently 12 stone 6lb and in a 16/18, especially round my fat stomach!!!! I did squeeze into a 14 dress on Sunday but the boobies were squished and the skirt skimmed over the tummy. I know people a similar height and weight in a 14 already and others (who I find it hard to believe) look bigger but in a 12!

I think it depends a lot on your frame size and where you buy your clothes. Also how much weight you lose for each dress size. For me it's about a size for every 2 stone but others manage a size a stone. Sounds like you could be one of the lucky ones and do a size a stone.



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im 5,6 and weigh 11.6 and am now in size 12

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