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Size 14, wooohoooo.

Ive just been and bought size 14 jeans, got them home and said to my friend I cant try them on coz they wont fit, she said go on try them now,


:D:D:Dblow me down they fitted , i didnt have to lay down breath in or anything else to get the fastened i just put them on and did them up.:D:D:D

Woooohooo how happy am I, hehe.
Ive not been in a size 14 since before my daughter was born and she 14yrs old in Jan.lol.
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Trying to stay healthy!
That's fantastic!!! well done you, you must be over the moon!! same story here with the 14's my daughter nearly 9.
I bet you won't want to take them off now!!!!

Well done!!!

Theresa x


soon to be minnie mouse
well done on getting into the new jeans. make the most of them though as a size 12 is surely on it's way
Thankyou every1.

In matalan they have 2 pairs of jean for £15 if any1 needs a couple of pairs to get them through to the next size, i dont like to spend to much on them. Ive got some 12s upstairs ready for when i need them ,hopefuly.lol.


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Thats fantastic! Well done. :D

Can't wait until I'm trying on size 14's too!
well done im sooooooooo pleased 4 you.xx


Leahs Lightweights
Well done!!!
LOL just posted the same thing........

New jeans, smaller size. Happy Happy Happy
Just brought a pair of jeans today in a size 14 WOOP WOOP! Im over the moon, cant rememeber the last time i was a comfy 14, have been a tight 16 for as long as i can remember....

This has given me the inner "something" to keep going and i just wanted to share it with you all. The way i felt today slidding the smaller size on felt better than any cake, choccy or wine. Its so worth it :)

So the next time any1 feels like a "naughty" nibble please dont as the feeling of being "slimmer" is CRACKING!

This is 1 very happy Mrs Bear, Roll on the size 12`s :)



Back on the wagon
Well done both of you! Its an amazing feeling isnt it! I'm back comfortably in a 14. I haven't been this small since I was about um... 14! Its an amazing feeling isnt it.

People were moaning at work today & said ok then who has some good news. I piped up with "I lost 4lb last week" cue big grin and ended up with a round of applause from the office lol.

Keep it up girls. I have a pair of size 14 victoria beckham jeans which are more like a 12 so am waiting to get into those (they were a bargain in a charity shop £3.50!)

size 12`s all round for us very soon i feel :) just think how we will feel then.... over the moon and back ;-)

This cd rocks!

hope we all have a top week, keep drinking the water x x x
P.S Top bargain kippaxmum, like it :)


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I was on the verge of putting them on Ebay - then decided I was determined to get into them - I sooooo can't wait!!!! Will have to post a piccy when I get them on. I havent tried them for a while....
go pop em on now, you never know ;-)

Fingers crossed for you hunni x


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ok. ill let you know how far up I get them!


Back on the wagon
Well, just tried them and can pull them up! They sit very low (so will probably never wear them) but never say never. Give it another stone & I think they will fasten! :-o

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