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Size 16 Miss England Finalist


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good on her, think a better bikini could have been chosen to accentuate her curves... she is really pretty, been looking at her website...

Chloe Marshall | official web site of miss surrey 2008

mind you, it has concerned me slightly... like her, i am 5'10" and she says she is 12st8lbs and size 16...

i'm aiming to get into 12st mark initially but was hoping i would be smaller than a 16...
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surely she not 12 stone? she looks the spitt of my friend who is 5 10 and she is a size 16 but weighs nearly 17 stone ?

she is beutifull though and has guts give her that!


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Have to agree its maybe not the most flattering pic - but on the plus side at least its not been airbrushed to within an inch of her life.

Good on her - she's a very pretty girl. Would have chosen a different bikini myself though.

I remember someone else saying a while back they thought her stats/size thing seemed odd. Maybe i'm deluding myself but she looks similar sizewise to how i think i am now and i'm 6" shorter and a stone heavier. But like i say i may be delusional lol :eek:


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see thats what i'm thinking... on model plus website it says she has 38DD boobs and 42 inch hips... and 5'10"

now i'm 5'10" have 38D boobs - nowhere near how big hers look but i am the same sort of shape as her and to be honest like you say karen, that's the shape i think i look now... and my 18 jeans i have on now are big...

16's still slightly tight now - so surely if i lose over 3 more stone i ain't still gonna be in my 16 jeans!!!???


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that's really what i am thinking dancing... i know when i get to the 12 stone mark i probably won't be a size 12, which is what i am aiming for... so will need to see what weight i will need to be...

but i really wasn't expecting the thought of still being in 16's...

like i say my build is very similar to hers... especially my tummy... but like i say at 15st10 my figure looks more like hers now...


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Goolian should we post some bikini shots of ourselves for comparison lol :p


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not when you have read my new panic post... i'm in a state...
I think it's possible - I was a size 14/16 at 11st 11 and I'm 5'3".

Though everyone said that I looked like a size 12/14 :p
She actually tried to get representation from a friend of mine who runs a plus size modelling agency last year before signing up with her current one and from what she tells me she was a size 18 then and has got a little bigger since then, so you're right her stats don't match up with how she actually looks.
If you go on her site then what you said up there about her hip size etc don't match up - and she also says she's a 14 on her site :confused:

Something's not right!
It reminds me of the time there was that picture of Fern Britton at her fattest in a bikini and she said she was "a comfortable" size 16!!!! I was a size 20 and not half her size.
I admire Chloe but I just don't think we will ever get away from the fact that a beauty contest is usually for women with toned and slim bodies.

Chloe looked the odd one out in her sarong and to be honest I don't think she has the best bodyplus size body. I have seen so many plus size models that are toned and firm, they are perfect models. I think Chloe has a beautiful face, is a lovely girl but not sure why she wanted to put herself through that.
I do think she's a brave girl for doing this and I admire her courage in aiming for a 1st but I just think if she is so proud of her curves she would be honest about size.
If you go on her site then what you said up there about her hip size etc don't match up - and she also says she's a 14 on her site :confused:

Something's not right!

Yeah I thought her stats were a little off. Also read that she takes a size 3 shoe :confused: sorry but 5-10 women do not wear size 3s! Or if they do, they're a deviation to the norm! All my firends are tall like me and not one of us wears a size 3, my shortest friend is 5-8 and she wears a 7!



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it says on her website her feet are a 7


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no i'm talking rubbish :)


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Hi, I'm 5'10 and in my 20's was 12st 8. I was 38B,28,38 and definately a size 16. Hoping to get there again.....funny at the time I thought I was huge....and one 'friend' used to call me thunder thighs! Weigh 18st 6.5 lb now and currently size 20-22.

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