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Size Zero

I am an A Level student currently writing a report for my media studies coursework on the idealized images what appear in magazines.
I am now currently looking for some opinions from members in the public about the pressure on women to look good like celebrities in magazines, and because of size zero.

I would be very grateful for all of your opinions, whether you agree or disagree with size zero and the pressure on women.
Please comment back - all comments welcome :)

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Back on the wagon!
To be honest I dont feel any pressure to be a Size Zero and the women on this site are supporting each other to loose unhealthy weight gain. I havent come across anyone who is trying to be anything other than a Size that suits their build / height. All focus on having a healthy BMI and being able to buy "normal clothes" and being healthy.......

There are pressures to be a "normal healthy weight" and I think to be honest that's good motivation in most cases as it keeps us focussed on getting to our weight target and maintaing but most balanced educated women (in my experience) think Size Zero is just a load of non-sense and a total turnoff for most men and other women...

Would be surprised if you get any other type of view on this site???
I'm 22, in uni, and definitely feel the pressure to be thin - realistically i've got a brain and i KNOW i'll never be a size 0. If i go to the union - it's FULL of tiny weenie first years in their underwear, can tell they are 1st years cos by second year everyone has put on weight due to the lifestyle.
I've chosen a "drastic" diet to lose weight, but only cos i want to be healthy, not stupid xxxxxx


Talks too much
i have no desire to be a size zero, however i think for my height and build a size eight would be ideal and i do feel that i will b happier when i am this size; but i also have the intelligence to realise that this so called happiness is influenced by images i see in newspapers, magazines and on tv. although i will b happy and healtier being a size eight, the other problems in my life are not going to magically disappear.


Back on the wagon!
I think you are right...I think as you get older you do get more realistic however...I really do worry about the really young girls who think skin and bone is attractive....you pay for this with your health in later years....
Thankyou for all you replies :).. This is really going to help me in finding out what normal women think!! I do personally agree with all of you, but thankyou for your views anyway :) x
Also, anyone that comments on this please may you tell me your age? I dont need to know anything else, this will just help in my coursework to show i have a number of views from a number of different women. Please continue to post your views! Im grateful for them all!
Hi leanne,

I agree with the other replies really that most people on this forum (if not all) have no intention of trying to become a size zero.

I however have been morbidly obese for most of my adult life and although I always told people that my size didn't matter to me it's only since I have lost the majority of my weight that I realise how much I have lost out on. Like the other comments though I only want to be a decent size and weight.

I do however think that there is a huge pressure on teenagers and women in their early 20's to be thin (not slim) and perfect. All of the models on the catwalk are unhealthy looking (my opinion) but this is what girls think they need to look lke in order for the clothes to fit properly. I also think that magazines portray the wrong image as all the models and celebrities are airbrushed to look perfect. Even i would look perfect with a professional make up artist, hairdresser, stylist, lighting and photographer.

Perhaps thats why I love to see the pice of celebrities when they are not looking their best. At leat i can compare real pictures then and think actually I don't look that bad at all (lol) (in my dreams maybe)

I'm 36 by the way

Hope this help and good luck with the study

Jo xx


Back on the wagon!
I'm 39 by the way...(feel about 25 though!!!)
I'm 48, so far too old to care about being a size zero. But why are you only interested in the pressure to be a size zero? For many women, being a size 8 would involve making unhealthy food choices. I worry very much about the pressures which my own daughter will face (she's only 5 at the moment) not only to be thin, but to be perfect in all other ways. The air brushed images which are forced upon us all not only make women feel inadequate, but they encourage some (rather immature) men to expect this level of perfection. I am a feminist in the old fashioned way i.e. I feel we have the right to equal treatment in the workplace and at home and the right to forge our own destinies, but I like men and I like to look the best I can. However, at the moment, in spite of out-performing men at every level of education, women are being dragged backwards to an age when our worth was judged by how attractive we are to men (spot the plain female newsreader!). Shame on us for allowing it to happen - I doubt our daughters will thank us!


Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Does anyone know what the measurements for Size Zero are?

When I was BMI 21 (soooooo long ago!), wearing 36B bras, 26" waist, 36" hips and 5ft 10 in, I wore a size 14 from shops such as M&S (size 12 in Jaeger, Aquascutum, and size 10 extra-extra-long in Burberry, Jean Muir, etc - mad, even then!), but the standard sizes therefore went like this:
36 = 14
34 = 12
32 = 10.
I knew nobody who wore an 8, but that would progress thus:
30 = 8
28 = 6
26 = 4
24 = 2
22 = 0.......
Well, obviously that's not right - I don't think anyone would boast of a 22" bust measurement! A few weeks ago, on TV, a British catwalk model explained how she kept her size Something-Tiny figure: she didn't believe in scales, so measured herself daily, and kept to 34C, 30 waist, 32/33 hips....

As k-nine says, how are we supposed to advise our daughters?

And how I wish people would like to be "slim" rather than "thin"....

Oh dear - I haven't posted for ages, and here I am ranting again....
When i was 18 i was a size 6 to 8 and weighed just under 8 stone:eek: ( yes i did eat!!! lots ) it was just the way i was. There is no way i want to be that tiny again. God i'll be over joyed to be a size 16. i've had lots of people asking me if my 16 year old daughter is joining me on my diet:eek: ermmmmmmm WHY!!!! yes she's a big girl and she wears a size 18 but she 5ft 8ins has size 10 feet and has a 40ff chest she's healthy,walks lots and eats well.yes she likes the odd bottle of coke and chocolate bar but what 16 old doesn't. She works hard at school has lots of friends and seem to be fighting the boys off :giggle: so why do people feel the need to tell my daughter she need to be a stick insect :mad:


Losing the baby fat
Not even one of my legs is a size 0;) i could not be a size 0, my bones would need to be compressed and some removed.
it's not a healthy adults size of average height, it's more a childs size.
I think these size 0 celebs look anorexic, and often it comes out that they are. they need boob jobs becasue they have lost what makes them womanly. I bet they don't enjoy life having to worry about putting an inch on and taking them into a size 6, god forbid!

i think they are bad role models for everyone.
i think times are changing though for the better. We don't need to have even size 12 models, but size 10 would be a good start.

I think how you feel about size 0 has alot to do with your age and what social circles you mix in. Some people just arent bothered in who is dating who, who is size 0, who got arrested for drink driving etc etc.

I remember when you a size 12 was regrded as being slim, now it seems an 8 is the new 12. How many clothes have you seen marked as XXL/12? I have and it's not funny.
Size 0 is teeny tiny and in the states we also even have size -0's. I am 40 and I think these 0 sizes and -0 are for barbie doll wannabee's! In my opinion these are child sizes and children should wear them not grown adults!

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