Skin breakout?


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I'm on day 11 of TS and my skin has broken out in small sores, fortunately it's on my hairline at the back and between my cleavage so not very visible but it's horrible all the same.

I wondered if this down to TS and my body getting rid of nasties with all the water I'm drinking, or just one of those things?

I don't normally get spots at all, so this an unpleasant surprise!

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Ive got the exact same thing, didnt know if it was the diet or stress caused by a difficult day coming up on sat.....but now im thinking its the diet. Ive always had a really clear complexion, so its a huge change for me lol....its not much, but noticing a few little spots, have 2 on my back weirdly and a couple at the side of my head where my hairline is. Also noticed my hair gets greasy quick and am having to wash it every single day lol x


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Oddly enough I find my skin clears up when I follow VLCD. Despite being 42, I am still prone to spots and have had terrible skin since Christmas after all the rubbish I ate! It's really calmed down now after 2 weeks on plan and loads of water.


I hope I'm like you then, cause even at 37, I've still got bad skin!


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I get greasy hair now too - I'm on my 4th week and have just noticed my skin clearing up so hang in there


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My skin is awful at the moment.. hoping its temporary


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Oh my skin seems good but my hair is a lot less greasy. How odd! Also my leg hair has stopped growing (maybe tmi) but still have smooth legs after a week! Wooooo!!!


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If anything my hair is less greasy and my skin and nails are really healthy. That only works if Im 100% though - the tiniest little cheat and its back to normal.


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OneTwoFour said:
Spurred on by your leg hair observation I got off my butt and shaved mine this morning. Here's hoping mine stay smooth for more than 48 hours!

Fingers crossed :D