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Skin firming creama, lotions and potions

Has anyone used any sort of product for this?

I want to find a product to use while i do upper arm exercises to help with my bingo wings.

I remember last year This Morning did a feature on them and some came out quite good but can i remember which ones they were? Er NO!

what are everyone elses thoughts? x
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Biooil is very good for improving skin condition and reducing appearance of stretch marks - I mix this is with a toning moisturiser from Avon and I think it has helped.
Biooil is very good for improving skin condition and reducing appearance of stretch marks - I mix this is with a toning moisturiser from Avon and I think it has helped.
Bio Oil Rocks!!!! I use it so muchi have to buy the £20 bottle each time.

I want something that actually tones/firms the skinso that as my arms get smaller they skin is not left sagging.

Thing is though you see so many advertised-but do we really know which ones work?

I think we need to do some testing with a panel of judges ha ha


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I use both Dove and Nivea Body Firming Lotion plus BioOil.

The best exercise to tone your arms is using the pilates band



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I know Palmers Cocoa Butter is meant to be excellent on stretch marks...and it smells delish.

Boo x x


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I use the Dove Firming Lotion and Body Wash and I do think it helps, but nothing is going to tone as much as light weights...
But isn't saggy stretched skin going to stay that way? Once the elasticity is gone. it's gone. I think the answer is weights to tone the muscles underneath the saggy skin....and longer sleeves! LOL
I do some exercises with hand weights but what I also do now is put wrist weights (buy them from Argos) on when I do the housework - that way every movement of my arms is that bit harder and I get a toning effect.
I have got some wrist and ankle weights somewhere around the house ... I shall have to find them and dust them off - thanks for the tip :)
I buy Bio Oil but its quite expensive. In wilkinsons the other day I noticed they sold something that looks identical but is only £1.99 - well, I only noticed it because two pregnany ladies were raving about it lol. Anyway Ive bought some and its just the same, i'm sure. Its in very similar orange and white packaging. Apart from that I use Nivea or dove firming lotion, and have wrist weights.
I use the Covent garden spa anti cellulite/firming gel- I used it last time as I lost on CD and its really refreshing/cooling and seemed to help tone as I lost weight.

Not too expensive either £8 ish????
Aldi skin firming with Q10 is great, it's only 1.75 a huge bottle too so great all round xx
Aldi are selling all sorts of keep fit equipment at the moment ....including hand weights....

Aldi is fab!!!!

I bought some Bio-oil in Costco the other day 200ml for £9.99...is that good?

Lil K

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I'm a Dove Firming girls as well. I have got Bio Oil but I end up like an oil slick when I use it - probably me being too heavy handed! I also used to use Nivea Q10, but the Dove was on offer so I thought I'd give it a try - I've been a convert ever since!
I use palmers cocoa - yummy and OH loves the smell :D

My mother uses 100% aloe vera lotion and although it smells ranks you can actually see a difference. I am gunna try it, it's just that i'm allergic to most things :D - like dove firming lotion, nivea, simple, avon, body shop.....
Vaseline intensive care moisturiser is brilliant, never seen such a hydrating moisturiser. Oh, and i use a body brush thinger in the shower xxx
I've just bought some Sally Hansen Extra Firming Thigh and Leg Gel in the 99p store!

At just 99p I thought it was worth a risk. It promises "Visibly tighter, smoother shaplier looking skin"

I had to buy 2 bottles at that price - I've just got to remember to apply it now!

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