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Skin firming.

cocoa butter and bio oil i use both. but to be honest the wobbly bits are still wobbly lol


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Ive tried bio oil, palmers, nivea and am onto jergens now and none of it makes the slightest bit of difference -.- However, just going through the process helps me feel like at least Im trying lol
Im the same lots of creams being applied to my jelly belly, i think i have to loose a bit more before i can figure out whats still fat and whats loose skin


Recovering Cookie Addict
I'm with Trose, ask me again 2 stone from now hehe
Tbh I think if you've been overweight for a long time and then lose it quite quickly your skin is going to have a hard job recovering particularly as you get older......I'm using bio oil on my hip scar so I'm rubbing it on other areas whilst I'm at it but not sure that it's making any difference:sigh: skin feels lovely though!


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Dry skin brushing is supposed to help. I've done it a couple of times but probably not consistantly enough to make any difference. I never seem to have the time.

The Dry Brushing Technique
Thanks guys.

Guess i ll just have to see how my skin reacts. Suppose at least if i am moisturising i am giving my skin the best chance i can to recover as it should be in half decent condition!

Thanks for ur help x

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