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Skin & hair questions..


Sensibly losing :)
I am zonked but I cant switch off! Thought I would ask on here and see if anyone has any ideas..

Regarding skin, basically where i was big for a long time my skin is a bit like crepe paper at the top of my legs. My tummy looks like a saggy deflated balloon where I have carried 3 kids and my extra weight... i have noticed just this week with this big loss that my thighs look terrible.. all empty and very wobbly. A mind of their own... stomach MUCH flatter but very saggy... Will all of this sort itself out or is it a case of lose the weight and keep the skin forever? I guess the more weight i lose the looser the skin will become? I have also lost my gorgeous DD boobs and currently have teeny A cups in size DD carrier bags! LOL! is there anything I can do to help this proces along or does it remain as a trophy of my weight abuse?

Secondly, hair loss. I am PETRIFIED of this happening. I have thin hair at the front due to having my babies and my thyroid... i cant afford to lose anymore. Does anyone know the timescale involved as to when it can affect your hair? Someone said to me if you are only on it a while then it shouldnt happen but I have read that it has a 3 months cycle.. and again if anyone has any tips on this I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading! :)

Donna xx
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Hi Donna, I also have 2 babies, my hair was very patchy at the front after daughter number 2, I was on LT for 6 months and had no hair loss problems but I can't say the same for my skin, skin seems to loose the elasticity when you loose weight so additional toning might be a help, moisturiser helps too especially palmers, skin does return to some normality after diet. Hth :)


Sensibly losing :)
so are you saying that from a moisture point of view its affected by the diet and then ok again afterwards? This bit is helpful but i was also wondering about the fact that it may shrink back and touch my body...!!! ;) ..... the toning is a bit of a hiccup as I am unable to excercise due to my back..!! I have read that toning creams etc are a waste of money too. i dont wann be tucking a belly in my undies when it all thins out ;) lol!
I was thinking off using toning plates rather than going to the gym less work at it's only 10 mins! I am going to start them next week after my 2nd weigh in as I want to make sure u can do them!

My hair hasn't thinned any and my skin has became really clear must b all the water! It is a bit dry however I put baby oil into my bath and it helps!


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Last time I did LT I lost nearly 7 stone and come off before target as I was buying size 10 tops!!! My skin felt thin like when you can pick up your skin on the back of your hand, after refeed and trying to eat healthy I noticed it changed again, more firmer and I suppose I just got used to it, maybe overall that's what it was, not being slim for so long I finally looked down and could see past the belly!!!! Although it was smaller it didn't go back to flat.
This is my biggest fear. I'm big now and have a saggy tummy post-ginormous child living in there. So when I lose weight it's going to be hideous. And my 36h boobs will be sorely missed. However I'm going to have a tummy tuck and boob surgery package if I have to lol. I'm serious. I am the last person to ever justify surgery but if I'm all saggy and horrible after I'm gonna do it. I know someone who got thigh skin cut away and a tummy tuck on the NHS... But I'll take out a flipping loan if I have to! I'm so scared of what I'll look like when the weights gone, and although I'm not superficial... I just desperately want to have a body that doesn't make people want to regurgitate their lunch lmao. I'm like you in that I have health problems that mean I can't really do much in the way of exercise. I hope you find a way of feeling better about it or improving it xx


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I've started to do sit ups daily to tone my stomach and I hope they help!!!
Re skin condition. Since moving to Canada my skin was dreadful, spotty and blemished. However within 3 days of starting tfr it was clear again! But.... Since eating food again it's gone bad!!! :-(

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