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Skin improvement


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I can't personally testify to it, but I imagine that drinking more water and cutting out junk would help improve anybody's skin. :)
When I did it I can personally say my skin was the best it has ever been. Luckily (not to sound arrogant) my skin is always pretty clear and I am a beautician so constantly aware of it. But yes it was very, very healthy. My hair was also very shiny - people even commented!!

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Hi, in it to win it. I wondered if I could ask you for some advice?

I lost 32lbs 2 years ago on CD, which was about 10lbs away from my goal. I self-sabotaged for many reasons but one of the main ones was the wrinkling of my skin, on my upper arms, forearms, some on my face and my badly over-stretched stomach (4 pregnancies). I thought I looked pretty gross and would only look worse if I carried on to goal. My CDC reassured me that the skin would eventually catch up and not to worry about it but I did worry and started eating cr*p again. So my question is....can you recommend any lotions or creams that would help me with this problem? I really want to get to my goal-weight this time and I really dont want to look like I need (even more) to be ironed :D


PS I did use Dove products/Bio oil before but didnt make any difference.


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Soap and Glorys firminator is pretty good, did wonders for my arms and belly last time round :) is pricey £10 a box but boots have it on offer sometimes :D
Hi Chelsea Lou. One really good toning cream is Nip + Fab tummy toning cream. It is meant for the stomach area but can be used anywhere else. It is about £18 I think it can be brought in boots but I get it for my mum from Harvey Nichols (you could always get it online I'm sure)

Any good toning cream is expensive generally. You could also try a body wrap. They are renowned for being good for loose skin. I myself have never had one but it is worth a try.

Bio oil is more for stretch marks than actual lose skin. And although Dove is a good make I wouldn't of thought it would of had the properties in it to actually help the elasticity in your skin.

Also maybe exercise could help tone-but it's easier to try the creams first!!
Thanks In it, That's the problem with all of these creams claiming to be Firming. You can make some expensive mistakes before you realise that they dont work. That is why I thought I would ask a professional. I will give the ones you suggested a try. Cheers for that.

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