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skin on / skin off??

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potatoes you can have with or without skins and it doesn't matter hun, but chicken skin is where all the fat is so if you eat that you have to syn it

Mrs V

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On a Red day you are supposed to have 7oz new potatoes in skin as a Heb, if having them as a syn value then you can have them peeled.
You can cook chicken in its skin to keep the flavour in, but then you cant eat it after as this has a major syn value!!]
Hope this helps you!


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i'v seen on some threads about skin on or off on potatoes and also chicken with skin on or off? what way does this work, do u hav to hav the skin off potatoes for them to be free???

i'm confused :confused: lol x
the chicken skin contains loads of fat, so if you ate the skin you'd have to count it as sins.

if you have potatoes as a b choice on a red day you must weigh them and leave the skins on as the skin is what contains the fibre, which allows potatoes to be a b choice in the first place.

potatoes on green days can be eaten however you like.
The extra fibre in potato skins is good on any day. The more fibre you eat, the more you poop, the more you poop, the more you lose!


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normally when you buy chicken fillets they are skinless lol but you do get skins on chicken breast fillets hun. x

Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Lol...I have visions of skinless chickens running through my head now!! Lol
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What about chicken thighs vs chicken breasts - both skinless?

Chicken Thigh3 ounces 133 cals 4.1 g fat
Chicken Breast 3 ounces 142 cals 3.1 g fat

There doesn't seem to be too much difference between them at 3 ounces, 6 ounce would be a 20 calorie and a 2 gram fat difference.

I like the thighs much better.




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We were told to remove the skin on chicken before cooking it - imagine peeling a whole chicken, yuk, so I don't bother. I don't eat the skin anyway.
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Chicken thighs are fine as long as you eat them without skin and remove as much fat as poss.

Dehli - you don't have to remove skin before cooking - only before eating!

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