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skinny cow hot chocolate?


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hi there, does anyone else drink this to try and curb their chocolate addiction? i love it, but i am just wondering how many cups in a day would you drink? i have had 1 today but would like another one before bed after i have been walking the dogs in the cold brrrr.
it has 40 cals and 1.5g fat per mug:confused:
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I haven't tried the Skinny Cow one, but I do rather like the Options ones.. mainly cos there are so many different flavours! Although why the banana one was limited edition I have no idea :cry:

Anyway... I generally speaking would have one at work instead of attacking the vending machine, and more often than not I'd have another to warm up at bedtime - better than a cuppa tea!

I wouldn't go for more than 2 or 3 though, although its only 40ish calories, best to keep it still as a bit of a treat!

Lady Marmalade

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I love the Skinny Cow ice lollies, the Belgian chocolate ones are heavenly and only about 80 cals. Mmmmm!

When I make a hot chocolate I usually only put about half the amount of water in as I like them to be really rich & chocolatey...


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i love the Mint Hot Chocolate from Skinny Cow, it is my saviour from the chocolate demons... :)
i would not have more than 2 cups a day, it's always nice to have one before bed x
oh my word i'm in love with the skinny cow range, the hot choc in particular! I've got a tub at work, at home and at my mum and dad's house, I'm addicted to the mint one and I have about 3 cups a day, its still a treat and stops my binging on choc bars! also another good treat with your hot choc are these choc brownie cereal bars from morrisons good for you range (or something like that!) they're only 76cal each and so so nice!!

Chocaholics are us by the sounds of things!! we should start up a chocaholics anonymous page!!!

Sarah xxxx
Lol, I'm a chocaholic too, if I want to binge I'll go for the most sinful chocolate I can find. Terrible!

Why can't our bodies just crave lettuce when we comfort eat? Life, or at least weight-control, would be so much easier.

I like the options hot chocolate, might have one tonight. I saw that skinny cow range when I was at the supermarket the other day and decided to go for the options one instead, but think I might give it a go next time.
I only discovered skinny cow about a month or so ago and am loving it!
I started off with the ice cream lollys which are good but then about 3 weeks ago i tried their hot chocolate and LOVE it!!
Its so chocolatey and tastes just like the real high calorie version! :)

I now have a cup every evening when the choc cravings start and sometimes if im struggling i have one in the day too! I think its better to have a 40 cal hot choc than a 200 cal choc bar!

I also find that a skinny cow hot choc (40) and a curly wurly (115) or a small cadburys dairy milk (used to be animal/wildlife bar) (110) which togeather is only around 150-155 calories really makes me feel like i've endulged and eaten lots of chocolate! But really its less calories overall than ure average choc bar so its brilliant!

I do seem to have a serious choc addiction and if i dont eat some form of chocolate i could never survive on this diet! so far its going well and i dont feel deprived!! :)

Hope this helps guys!! :)

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