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Skinny Cuppuchino on ss+?

Skimmed and semi skimmed milk are both still high in carbohydrates even if they are low in fat, so could therefore knock you out of ketosis.... unless you are doing the 4 shakes plus 200ml skimmed milk whereas the milk could be counted as part of your allowance.
If I am wrong please correct me, but that is my understanding.


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i cant remember how much milk your allowed on ss+ is it 200ml?

if thats how much goes in the coffee (or less?) and you dont go over your daily allowance then i dont see why it would be a problem.
you are allowed skimmed milk on ss + and it shouldnt knock you out of ketosis!!! 200ml is what you are allowed so ask to see how much milk they are using. I would think half that. you have no worries for ss+-ing. but remember to take your 4th shake too(your allowed 4 shakes and 200ml skimmed ,darling this is what my cdc told me)
You are allowed 200ml milk on SS+ but only if you are having the 4 shakes, if you are doing the SS+ with the meal then you are not allowed the skimmed milk.
The 4th shake is to make up the calories needed for ss+. SS is only 425 (ot there about) and ss+ should be 200 more. so you cant have the milk if you have the meal. but if you have the 200ml of milk, you need to add the extra shake.Personally, i prefer the extra shake as I dont trust myself with food portions yet. The shakes make it easier.
If its working for you then I guess you could keep it up, try a week without and see what happens....
200ml Skimmed milk has around 10g carbs which is almost as much as a shake at around 14g.

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