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skinny diary

:D what should I say? maybe will start from the beginning...

it is all my friend's fault:cry:....she is too clever and tells me about all new diets and stuff..and I do absorb like a sponge:sigh:...haha:D

anyway.... to be honest I did not belive it would work when I first saw it....pasta, potatoes, cheese??? never....having checked other diets I already knew that you need to say no to everything you like and in my case it was pasta, cheese....wine:eek:

however I would not be myself if I have not tried...so i did

I am absolutely fascinated by SW and I read everything what I had found about it... I purchased magazine and three books from WH Smith and read it through in one day...considering I have not got that much to loose I decide not to do meetings yet...(my work hours are ridiculous...) and then I found this forum....love it!:eek:

I will try to post my menu every day, having read few diaries I found three good reasons to do it....first to keep it in one place and use it if needed...second ... sb may use it....third....if I am doing anything wrong I will be told!:break_diet:
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first day

Tuesday 19/07/2011

Muesli Jordan's
Fat free yoghurt
nectarine, 5 strawberries

Lunch: nectarine, 2*bananas

dinner: cottage pie lean beef with carrots and peas, low fat chedar cheese HEA

snacks: nectarine, grapes, plums *2

no syns:mad:

Wednesday 20/07/2011

Muesli Jordan's
Fat free yoghurt
kiwi, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries

Tomatoes, cucumber and iceberg with chili, garlic vinaigrette:p

snacks: banana, orange, 1/2 pack of strawberries

Spaghetti Bolognese (tomatoes, garlic, onions, celery, carrot, with parmesan HEA)

snacks: kinder country 1/2 3 syns:p

total syns 3


Muesli Jordan's
Fat free yoghurt
kiwi, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries

snacks: 3 carrots, banana

beef goulash with burglar wheat and cucumber salad :p
175 ml of red wine 6 syns:mad:

total syns 6

Muesli Jordan's
Fat free yoghurt
kiwi, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries ( I am boring I know but it makes me feel full till 12!:rolleyes:)

snacks: nectarine *2, banana,

Waitrose fat free blue berry yogurt, 1 pack of raspberries

2 nandoos chickens legs 4 syns
1 tbsp nandoos peri peri sauce 1 syn
rice (free?)
green salad with 1 tsp of dressing 1 syn ( I looked so stupid trying to measure it!!!)
175ml of wine 6 syns
tequila shot 2.5?

total syns 14.5 (not sure about rice...)

1 slice of brown toast HEB
2 scramble eggs with onion and tomato
Grapes, plums
Vegetable Lasagna with mozzarella HEA
175ml of red wine (!) 6 syns:eek:
snacks: whole pineapple!:D
syns for the day 6
Sunday 24/07/2011


Jordan's muesli
Fat Free Onken strawberry
5 strawberries
nettle tea (natural remedy for water retention:D)

vegetable lasagna from yesterday


minestrone soup ( celery, courgette, carrot, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, parsley, basil, pasta):p

lentils curry with boiled rice

snacks: alpen light 3 syns
kinder choc 3 syns
175 ml of red wine 6 syns

total syns 12

exercise: 1h at the gym 430 calories burnt
20 min swimming
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Monday 25/07/2011


2 toasts HEB with 20g nutella (5syns)


snack box with grapes, apple, nectarine

rice salad with pepers


brocolli and asparagus (steamed) with mozarella HEA:p

snacks: kinder choc 3 syns

total syns: 8

exercise: 2 mile walk :D
tip of the week

I love wine (you probably already noticed)...yesterday I grabbed measuring cup 60 ml and used it to poured the wine...I felt like I was having three small glasses of wine but I really had 175 ml! 6 syns instead of 18...;-))
Tuesday 26/08/2011


2 toasts, 2 boiled eggs

nectarine and grapes, black coffee

Snacks: snack box filled with fuits

Lunch: green salad boiled egg

snack: 6 mikados 3 syns

snack: 2 chocs 6 syns

total syns 9
grilled: bacon, egg, tomatoes, mushroom, heinz beans with two toasts

snack: lunch box filled cut with melon, apple, kiwis

lunch: grren salad with feta HEA

snack: peroni ;-(( 11 syns

dinner: grilled steak with roasted veg and potatoes with rosemary

!!! 2 shots of vodka 5 syns

total syns 16

excercise 0

I am feeling so tired today!
Thursday 28/07/2011


2 toasts & 10g nutella 2.5 syns


snack: raspberries, cad bliss 1/2 5 syns

lunch: green salad & muller light

dinner: vegetable stir fry and soy sauce
I am really feeling weak this week...do not know what is going on....


BB: 2 bacons, egg, tom, mushroom and beans grilled with two slices of bread

box of fruits

muller light vanilla

lunch: green salad

dinner: stir fry with soy sauce

250 ml red wine 9 syns
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breakfast: bacon, egg. tom, mushroom and beams grilled, 2 toasts

4 nectarines

lunch: stir fry

dinner: broccoli with parmesan

snacks: carrots, plums, melon

175 ml red wine 9syns

kinder choc 3.5 syns

feeling extra hungry today....not sure why and have starvings for sweets

Breakfast: muller yogurt

lunch: neapolitana sauce with pasta and parsley

vegetable soup

dinner: pasta with mushrooms, spinach, nutmeg & ricotta

mikado 15!!! 7,5syns

snacks: nectarines
:confused: have not been here for a while!!!! my work is so busy that when I am back home, all I wabt to do is go to bed...

Also I did my weight check on Tuesday and I did not lose a pound :cry:nothing....it is so not fair...

I decided to keep everything written down in my notebook as well as here as I am worried of not being able to visit the forum every day....

I am feeling so bloated it is unbelieveble, but somehow I did not put any weight on...which is weird...I am hoping it will be gone soon...

Wednesday 3/8

Breakfast: 2 slices of WW bread 2/3 HEB

2 dairylea light 2/5 HEA

tomatoe free

lunch: pinapple apple strawberries all cut into pieces in a lunch box

kinder choc 3,5 syns

snack: plums

salad: iceberg, pepper, grilled chicken onion free

fish pie: potatoes, grren peas, salmon, prawns, cod and 25 gr reduced cheddar HEA

vodka shot with diet coke 2,5 syns

total syns: 6
Thursday 4/8


2 WW slices of bread 2/3 HEB
2 slices pastrami (love it)

lunch box: nectarine, kiwi, grapes

alpen light 1/2 HEB

salad: cous cous with peppers and courgette



fish pie: potatoes, grren peas, salmon, prawns, cod and 25 gr reduced cheddar HEA

snack: plums, nectarine

syns: coke & vodka 2,5 syns

total syns: 2,5



3 lean back bacons with fried egge (all grilled) and 2 slices of WW bread and ketchup 1 syn

alpen light 1/2 HEB

lunch box: papaya, kiwi, nectarine, grapes cut in pieces

salad: iceberg, smoked salmon, peppers, tomatoes, 52g red feta cheese HEA


175 ml red wine (lunch):confused: 6 syns


chicken pathia 2/3 portion 6,5 syns
3/4 pilau rice 2,5 syns
Cobra 11 syns :eek:

skipped starters which has not happened before...but it was not that bad!!!:rolleyes:

syns total: 26,5

I had only 8,5 syns for last two days...:D
checked the weight this morning...nothing 138 lb

hopefully it will move until Tuesday! do not want another week without any loss! ;-((
weekend update


English breakfast grilled; bacon egg tomatoe beans with 2 slices of WW Brown Bread

Lunch: sauerkraft soup (potatoes, carrots, leek, stock, onion, bacon and sauerkraft)

Dinner: spaghetti carbonara (original recipe is without cream and syn free:eek:!):family2: pasta, 2 egg yolks and whole egg, bacon, parmesan HEA Free

grapefruit and grapes

cherry coke vodka and vodka with whisky:sigh: 8 syns


2 WW slices of brown bread, 2 light diarylea, tomatoes and pastrami

Lunch: Sauerkraft soup (from previous day)

snack: 6 mikados 3 syns


Homemade Pathia:

1 TBSP oil (1/2 portion) 3 syns
garlic, onions, ginger, chilli, spices, tamarid, tomatoes canned, passata, peppers & mushrooms

mushroom pilau rice without oil free

snacks: orange, plums and strawberries :D


2 slices WW Brown Bread 2/3 HEB
2* dairylea light 2/5 HEA
cucumber slices
2 slices of pastrami :cool:

Lunch: fruit lunch box with sliced nectarines, apple and kiwi

salad: iceberg, tomatoes, 1 tsp extra light mayo 1/2 syn, oregano and basil


Homemade tomatoes soup

mashed potatoes with boiled vegatables

lean beef and turkey meatballs in homade gravy (1 syns for corn flour)

1/2 pack of Baked crisps 2,5 syns
2/6 Galaxy 4 syns
Total syns 8 syns :p


2 slices of WW Brown Bread with bacon, eggs and tomatoe

strawberries with muller light


salad: tomatoes and mozarella HEA

muller light

fruit salad: nectarines, strawberries and pineapple

tomatoe soup

lean beef and turkey meatballs with homemade gravy 1 syn with mashed potatoe and boiled vegetables

muller light & banana

Baked crisps 5 syns

1/2 kinder bueno 5,5 syns

total syns 11,5


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