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Skinny jeans forever!

Hi everyone,

Starting this diary by saying how fantastic it's been reading all the posts :) though have to admit I avoid coming on during a binge :(

Finally decided to take the plunge and really commit to my maintenance plan. Am starting 30 day shred tomorrow but unfortunately will have to choose my workout times carefully as live upstairs in a house conversion ;)

My aim is to fit into my goal skinnies again by toning up my legs and arse. Am planning a party for my 30th in October and want to look my best.

I need to focus as my life will change in sept when my gorgeous little boy starts school and I do more hours at work. Need to feel confident and in control for this change as do have a tendency to binge and then feel pants and demotivated.

Have afternoon tea planned on Sunday then wedding next Saturday. Gotta keep in control-how do I switch off?? Have had obsession with peanut m&ms recently-won't look at calorie content ;) whenever I eat a little bit if something sugary I crave and crave more. What can I do to stop myself? Am yo-yoing a little bit too much and so worried I'm going to think sod it and get big again. I don't think I could take the feeling of shame again but bad food is sooo tempting esp when knackered :(

Also feel alot of pressure to be slim so people don't scoff behind my back-sounds like lots of us have that.

Hope you're all having a great day :)

Swakey x
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Why is it so hard to maintain?! I just want to reward myself (with food!) for being so good :(
I managed to lose about 6 1/2 stone from may last year and I was so dedicated. It saw me through my dad's stroke, my husbands redundancy and my beautiful cat Rudy getting run over by a hit and run. I had the motivation of my friends wedding in nov then and then we had a quick turn around on our own wedding-organising from end of nov to 4th feb :) and reached goal 9th December.
Have had my skinnies at the back of the drawer since march now :( really need to change my ideas about eating-help!
Is it going to be this hard forever??

Here's to a happy day!

Swakey x
Ow ow ow! Has anyone else tried the shred? I think the instructor jillian is cool, not like other annoying ones ;)
Twenty minutes everyday is easy enough but the pain of walking down stairs afterwards!
Been feeling really tired and snappy today, hope I'm not pushing myself too much, then again almost TOTM
Am really struggling to drink all the water too at the moment.
Looking forward to afternoon tea tomorrow but also dreading it as don't want to undo all the hard work recently.

Sorry, just needed a moan :(
Ok, so had a binge last night after my afternoon tea. Was good during the tea as had porridge before but then got a taste for it and managed sushi, Percy pigs, half a bottle of rose, 2 packets of crisps (mmm prawn cocktail ;) half a family bag of peanut m and ms and 2 slices of toast! Feeling the podge today, struggling but on my second shake. Am determined not to have a poochy tummy at the wedding on sat :) do maxi dresses make everyone look pregnant?! No time/money to shop now anyway :(

Focus, focus, focus...

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