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Skinny*minx*wannabe Diary - 3lbs loss on first weigh in since starting WW - whoooo

Hi all,

Just thought id introduce myself.
im 24 from cheshire, just started weight watchers at 12 stone 6lbs and hoping to get down from a size 16 to a size 10/12 by my 25th birthday by march next year

I know thats a big goal, but im going to set mini goals thoughout the year , which will hopfully help me reach my main goal

im going aquafit on a wednesday and do some running for my weekly exercise too.

ive been lurking around for a bit and thought id join seen as you all seem really friendly and love reading the diarys on here.

Going shopping tonight to buy some 'healthy' food in to keep me on track over the weekend.

Thankyou for reading :D

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hiya chick!!! :D

welcome welcome welcome, are you going to meetings or doing it yourself???

im sure you will love it here,everones dead dead friendly! i love them!!!

hey hun

im doing it alone, but using a weight watchers eating out and shopping guide to help with the points ect

my downfall is the portion sizes as i can eat for england and i dont seem to get the full feeling lol
hey hun

im doing it alone, but using a weight watchers eating out and shopping guide to help with the points ect

my downfall is the portion sizes as i can eat for england and i dont seem to get the full feeling lol
thats my downfall too, but i have to say i havent struggled at all.

and the ww meals are lovely and very filling if you have loads of veg with them



In the 10s at last!
Welcome skinny minx your goal seems very achievable.. how much will you have to lose to be a 10/12? oh & how tall are you? I was 12st 4lb at the end of jan this year & at the mo im 10st 13lb so only bout half a stone to go its the first time ive done ww & its brill so easy too,im like you done it all from books/mags & advice on net so good luck to ya we r all real friendly:D x
yeah,everyones friendly except someone called charly.71, shes a bit mean!!


no, everyones really nice and welcoming and it definatly helps to have the support xx
welcome to the WW boards :) 16 to a 10/12 by march next year is totally doable.. your birthday is same month as mine.. mines the very last day - 31st.. i will be 23 next year though so maybe we can both aim to be size 10/12 by then :)

good luck with your week anyway and make sure you pop in and let us know how you're doing :) xxx
Thankyou for the warm welcome guys x

im 5ft4 , my target weight is 10stone 5lb, but not sure if il be a size 10 at that weight, so il have to see once i get to it lol


Needs a kick
Helloooooo, Welcome to WW and Minis.
Good luck, You should have no problem reaching your target for then. Especially with all the advice, motivation, challenges and chit chat you get on here. I don't go to class and have a very old WW book and tracker, I have found out all I need to know on here.
Good Luck, Keep posting it helps xx
ive been looking through the reciepes thread on here and i think il make a 0 point soup for over the weekend.

But, il let you into a little secrete........

i dont/cant cook!......lol my bf does all the cooking in our house, but im going to try and atempt to cook, oviously following some receipes as i currently dont cook much, unless you want jacket potato and beans lol i know......im ashamed to say that

so i think im going to rustle up 0 point coleslaw and 0 point BNS & red pepper soup, so il let you know how i get one...fingers crossed x


Has the power of the horn
loving the sound of the coleslaw!! Cant wait to hear how that turns out!
even i can make soup :D its surprising but being on WW (or SW is the same) you end up finding that if you're not eating ready meals all the time, you just get thrown into cooking whether you can or not.. and once you get the hang of it its really easy :) i eat a lot of soups and stews and they're so simple to make and yet they're really REALLY tasty :) (or at least I think so :p)

let us know how your coleslaw comes along.. i love coleslaw but am really picky and like the very high calorie ones myself :p
well so far soo good lol

i have the BNS & red pepper soup on the hob from one of the reciepes i found on the food thread page , didnt loose fingers in the process so that a good start lol, thought id make it incase i get the munchies over the weekend so as its 0 points il be laughing.

also gonna start tea in a bit, i was watching saturday kitchen and really liked the look of the meal jamie oliver cooked, so worked out the points and went out and bought the ingredients, so i will cook it later, il post the recipe on the food thread page incase anyone wants to have a go.

not feeling very well today, seem to be very dizzy, i dont think its anythink to do with the first day of ww, dont know what it is.

went and picked my bike up from my mums this afternoon as i havent used it in 8 years, so i decided im going to start to go out peddling and take my dog with me , so we will see how i get on with that.

other than that im just chilling out today, watchin come dine wih me, i love watching that program.

bye for now x
Hiya how did the soup turn out then?
have a nice evening..
x :)
Hi fuzzyzella,

ive just had some of that soup i made this afternoon, it was very nice, even the O/H had some with a crusty roll and said he really enjoyed it, so its a bonus lol
it was a bit thick after i blended it so watered it down a tad but very yummy indeed
thankyou for asking .

also made some fresh salmon, green beans, cherry tomartos and anichovi all baked together in the oven that i saw on saturday kitchen today, and it was Mmmmmm. very nice, also points worked out at 7.5, very yummy.

just watchin the eurovison while writing the weekly shopping list , hopfully the eating out guide and shopping guide should arrive next week too that i won on ebay

Have you had a good day?



Hiya Chucks!!
Wow your turning into a domestic goddess glad you liked the soup,you should make the honey roast swede one it is divine!!..:)

Yes thanks ive had a nice positive day today..:):D:) x

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