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Skinny wannabe's diary!

Hey fellow minimins!

Well I've just finished day one of my return to weight watchers. I've decided to do a diary so that if I mess up I'll be doing it publicly and hopefully this will be the kick I need!


Coffee 1pp
Crackers 2pp

Slim fast pretzels 3pp
Ww tomato soup 2pp
Apple 0pp
Rice crispy square 3pp

Fish cake 4pp
New potatoes 3pp
Salad 0pp
Cheese 3pp
Sweetcorn 2pp
Half bread roll and flora 3pp

Ww creamed rice 3pp

Daily used 29/29pp
Weekly used 0/49pp

Hope I've done it right, feel free to comment or give any tips!

:) x

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Wednesday - day 2

Coffee - 1pp

Salad - 0pp
Turkey tikka - 3pp
Walkers squares - 3pp
Slim fast choc bar - 2pp
Apple - 0pp

And tonight out with the girls so have read up best choice in my eating out guide:

Frankie and Bennys margherita pizza - 18pp
2 rich tea bicuits - 2pp

Daily 29/29
Weekly 0/49

Will come back and edit if anything changes!
brilliant forward planning - have a fab evening with the girls


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Diary looks good Hun, when's ur weigh day then? U doin it urself or goin to class? Xx


Kerry's pregnancy diary
N 18 pp isn't too bad for a pizza at Frankie n bennies xx
Hey Kezza,

My weigh day is on a Tuesday, and I am doing it online so have to weigh myself and actually be honest - I have scales next to my desk which is a bit silly as I have to get on at least once a day!!

How are you doing the plan? Are you enjoying it? I am loving the addition of minimins to my diet!

18pp is ace for a pizza isn't it? It was either that or spag bol for 16pp but I love pizza!



Kerry's pregnancy diary
yeh I'm doin alright actually, lost 2lb this wk so I'm really pleased with that! I go to a class, I've tried doin it by myself but fail miserably every time! Since joining this forum tho I have been pretty good and talking to other people n hearing there stories motivates me.

I love pizza so I'll def b having that next time I go to Frankie n bennies, would have thought it would b quite high! X


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Oh n I'm the same with my scales, on n off them constantly! Bit disappointing tho when one day ur lighter n next heavier due to fluctuation or eating a bit more that day! Haha xx
Hello and good luck with weight watchers im starting on Monday.. and ive been looking at your food plan.. very nice first on my list is the pizza at F&B''s soon as i have a voucher to use there. x
Good choice Shanny, the diet is fab! And the pizza was yummy, totally worth 18pp :)

Well done on your loss this week Kezza, I'm hoping for 2lb at weigh in - had a sneaky peak this morning and I was 10.13 but like you say, it changes every bl00dy day so I should just wait and do it on Tuesday but I can't resist! xx

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Kerry's pregnancy diary
Well good luck, I'm sure u will do great xx
Hey Jemma, thanks - the more people reading the less likely I am to fall off!

Thursday - day 3

Coffee - 1pp

WW veg soup - 2pp
Slimfast pretzels - 3pp
Slimfast choc bar - 2pp

Chicken - 4pp
New potatoes - 5pp
Salad - 0pp
Phili light - 1pp
Rice crispy square - 3pp

Lolly - 2pp
Flake - 5pp

28/29 daily
0/49 weekly


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Kerry's pregnancy diary
Diary still looking good! Keep up the good work xx
Thanks hon! I'm in the zone now, just need to not mess it up over bank holiday weekend! xx

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Hi gd luck and the forward planning was so gd, I would go out with the girls and think sod it I will start again 2mo!!x
Thanks chick :) that's what I normally do but something has clicked (clothes not fitting!) and I am determined to stick to it this time! Hope your week is going well xx

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Kerry's pregnancy diary
Good for u hun, those clothes will b hanging off u soon then you'll have to go out n buy new ones ( shame) ;-) haha xx

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