Skipping packs -advice needed please


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Can a CDC please give us some info on the potential problems (if there are any) of missing packs when eating a small meal.

If someone occasionally eats some protein and a small salad, is it acceptable to omit one of the packs to compensate for the extra cals etc?

What is the impact of doing this?

There seems to be conflicting advice on this and I would appreciate some feedback/clarification.

Thx :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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I'm not a cdc but as I understand it if you are in ketosis your body is eating your fat stores - normally if you ate that number of calories - so few, your body would go into starvation mode and conserve as much as it could and store it as fat - therefore a gain, and then it would eat muscle and conserve the fat stores for a time when it might get worse.
The packs lull the body into a false sense of security, it doesn't seem to notice the lack of calories because it has all it needs in nutrients - if you have a small meal - greena nd white, you won't be having any carbs, and will be lacking in a variety of vitamins and minerals x

Hope that helps a bit - but I am sure a CDC will be along with the official line soon enough, but didn't want to read and run xx


You need all your pack allowance for the day.
If you had a protein and small salad meal, it would not provide you with the nutrients in a pack. You risk pushing your body into starvation mode and your weight loss stopping.
If you have something over and above the diet plan you are on, you must still have all your packs regardless. :)


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About skipping packs.. well basically....

3 packs = full vitamines / minerals you need for 1 day.

2 packs + small meal = 2/3 of the minerals/vitamins and some from the meal but not enough to reach 1/3.

Do not know of the dangers etc if any but.. hope this helps a bit too

x Lostris


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S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Guys for the info

I think is easy to assume that a small meal = a shake/soup.