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Sky HD


The Diet Guy
Isn't it just!! The HD is truely out of this world.

Was watching the Copa America in HD yesterday and felt like I was watching it through a window at the ground as it was so crisp.



The Diet Guy
Blingy pop into somewhere like Comet or Currys as they always have demo's of it, really is like Black and White to Colour all over again.


Serial Foodie!
hubby has been banging on about HD for weeks now that we have our new tele. guess i will be finding out how fab it is very soon lol.


Full Member
Looking forward to the Live Earth concert tomorrow in glorious HD!


Gold Member
Not to be sexist but this must be a bloke thing, first its sky, then sky +, then flatscreen widescreen, Now HD
Will it never end lol my hubby is always going on about it. Oh and playstation 3 and wii and ipod blah blah blah.
He is such a gadget boy.
May have to give in on the HD if its that good lol


Full Member
I really want a Wii but the Mrs keeps saying it's a waste of money as she doesn't think I'll play it.

She probably won't use it as she is addicted to the DS especially Dr Kawashima's Brain Training 2!


Gold Member
I wouldn`t mind that ds, quite fancy that brain train game, get it working again.


Silver Member
Get the Wii Stu. Women talking about what constitutes a waste of money......it beggars belief :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I got myself erm I mean my boy the Wii a couple of months back during the national shortage and although it cost me the GDP of a small african country, it was money well spent mate.

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