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  1. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    OK so I have moved over from slimming world as it really wasn't doing much for me. I feel I need the structure of a points system.

    I have been around the ww forums over the past few days but haven't started properly as I had a wedding and bbq etc.... Anyway I have done my food shopping and am prepared to start pointing properly tomorrow.

    I am also cutting out alcohol for the next 5 weeks to help kick start a new healthier me :)

    I know I don't have a lot to lose but I also know that this amount is usually where people struggle...the last stone or the last few lbs. Its also about how you feel within yourself, so although people always say your not fat you don't need to lose weight I know I was at my happiest and most confident when I did ww before. That's the me I want to find again. I want to eat healthy and have energy. I don't want to be sluggish and lethargic because I have stuffed my face with chocolate, nachos and beer! (Like I did today!) LoL.

    So a few stats about me are:

    Height 5ft 0
    Current weight 9 stone 10lbs
    Goal weight 8 stone 10lbs
    Goal date December 2014
    Mini goal 19th July - 6lbs (babies christening)

    Previously did ww old points in 2009 and got to 8 stone 13 from 10 stone 7.
    Maintained at 9 stone for 18 months.

    Have tried slimming world 3 times and never lost more than 3lbs.

    I love to cook and bake so am looking forward to adapting all my recipes and hopefully posting some up for you guys to try.

    I have studied nutrition in the past so I know I have the tools to succeed I just need the motivation and I think this group and diary should really help. The support you guys give each other is amazing and I am looking forward to getting to know you all :)

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  3. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Welcome to the weight watchers thread. I too have done ww and sw in the past and ww is the only thing that works for me.

    Good luck on your journey and I look forward to your recipes.

    Nic x
  4. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Thanks Nic today is going well so far :) x

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  5. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    So food so far today is looking like this:
    Breakfast: egg and bacon medallions fried in frylite..2pp 1pp and 1 slice home made brown bread 2pp and butter 2pp. Total 7

    Lunch: mixed salad 0pp, 2 sliced bread 4pp, tomato and chilli chutney 2pp, 30gr cheddar 3pp. Total 9

    Dinner: Jennies Thai Red curry 4pp per serving (not including rice) 75gr rice 3pp. Total 7.

    Dailies: 23/26
    Weeklies: 0/49

    Only 3 left for treat tray :( I'll figure that out later on :)

    So I manageD a pretty great 3 pp treat tray of a mini twister like ice cream for 1 pp and a 2 pp choc bar with a cuppa watching the soaps

    Happy day 1 :)

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  6. hattiecdm

    hattiecdm New Member

    Hi there, I am starting WW tomorrow, Im doing the simple start! I'm looking to lose 3 stones! Im going to a class tonight and have bought the mothly pass to access online support. Looking forward to seeing your recipes! xx
  7. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Hi Hattie...welcome :) ww is the only thing that's ever worked for me so I think you have picked the right slimming group :) I am trying to do it from home so this site is brilliant! I've heard of simple start so I can't wait to hear what its all about ... Best of luck tonight let me know how it goes!

    You must also join the treat tray troup ;)

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  8. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Recipe for Thai Red Curry

    Serves 6
    4pp per serving not including rice

    700gr chicken diced (12)
    1/2 200gr jar of tesco red Thai curry paste (2)
    1 tin of low fat coconut milk (10)
    1 red pepper deseeded and diced (0)
    1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger finely chopped (0)
    1 small onion finely choppedq (0)
    1/4 of a large butternut squash diced (0)

    Put coconut milk and paste into a pot and bring to the boil
    Simmer for about 3 minutes
    Add chicken and cook for 10 minutes
    Add all the veg and continue to simmer until sauce has reduced and chicken and veg are fully cooked. (About 20 mins).

    Season to taste and serve with rice

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  9. nickynoo36

    nickynoo36 Silver Member

    Food looks amazing hun. I just love love love a good curry xx
  10. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    It was very hot lol xx

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  11. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Welcome to WW :) Looking Forward to reading your diary x
  12. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Thanks Serena taking a lot of inspiration from yours :)

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  13. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    All the cool kids hang out there ;-) Can be crazy at times lol x
  14. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Sun is really shining here today so going to hit the pavement with the pram for a long walk!


    1 slice home made bread 2pp
    Fat free yog 2pp
    Apple 0pp
    Total 4

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  15. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Sounds Lovely! Do you make your Bread in a Bread Machine? Do you work out the PP? X
  16. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Hi Serena no I do it from scratch its much easier than you would think!. I count it as 2pp per slice. I haven't got round to pointing a full loaf and its hard to calculate how many slices will come from one. I make rye, spelt, wholemeal and a mix of brown and white. To be honest its prob a bit more than 2pp but its home made and healthy with no chemicals so I'm not going to get too hung up on the points :) I also try not to eat too much its tough tho as it smells so good!

    I am probably just afraid to find out the points as I'll prob have to stop making it he he! Hope ur day is going well xx

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  17. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Wow! I just dribbled on my iPad ;-) That bread and/or rolls look AMAZING! I'm so jealous right now ;-) X
  18. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Lol lol lol its so easy Serena I'll post the recipe when I have time to point it :) they were mini bagels and turned out yum!

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  19. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Wow! Mini Bagels! I'm very impressed! X
  20. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    I'm ever so slightly obsessed with baking and cookery :) dream of opening a cafe/deli someday! Oh to dream :)

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  21. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member


    I ate out so hard to point.

    I had a ham ciabatta which consisted of the bread. I'll be generous with 5pp for that, a little relish 2pp, ham 3pp, 1 slice cheese 3pp, lettuce 0pp, tomato 0pp, undressed side salad 0pp,

    Total 13

    Had a sneaky curley wurley which was meant for treat tray 3pp.

    Eek only 6pp left for dinner!

    Left over curry and 1 slice of bread with no rice comes to 6pp. :)

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