Sleep and weight loss


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Oooh never heard that one before! I don't think it has anything to do with it to be honest, but someone with more expertise might be able to confirm this


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Dont know the answer to this but I will say when I had alot of weight to lose I didnt sleep that well. Indigestion was my main problem, but now I sleep all the way through the night. And I have been told that I dont snore anymore, well not as load.:D



Yes, because lack of sleep can adversely affect your metabolism (lack of sleep is bad all round - it messes with your hormone levels, makes you tired and therefore less active, and reduces the time your body has for repair and regrowth).


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i find CD has helped me sleep better but then i guess my caffine addiction is gone and i am not eating cr*p that interfers with my system :)

the metabolism thing makes sense. good post!


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I heard that children who are obese dont get enough sleep, it was on the news a few weeks ago. Kids are staying up later to watch tv or play on games consoles in there rooms.


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There's also a link between sleep apnea and being overweight (and with PCOS too - but everything seems linked to PCOS if you ask me). So, following that logic, losing weight would facilitate better sleep. I have found when in deep ketosis that I wake earlier than I used to.


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Im sleeping loads better now and appartently I no longer snore (not that I ever agree that I did in the 1st place!!) and I also dont move around much anymore. I just hit the pilow and Im out like a light.